Last week I rolled all the way up to Itaewon to go to the event of the season the Grand Opening of Craftworks Itaewon. The undisputed king of craft beers has added yet another string to its bow with a fourth location up at the top of Itaewon near RMT.


The new location is rolling out a brand new menu, stepping things up into gastro-pub territory, and fusing a bit more their delicious beer into the food. Craftworks was originally the leader of the pack, so I’m glad to see they are upping their game to stay on top.


For one thing the cocktail menu has got a much needed update, I know it’s all about the beer but some of us like our cocktails and a glass of craft beer just isn’t quite the same. In true lushy fashion I swiftly made my was through the menu. The highlight was probably the Long Island Ice Tea (10,000), it was the best one I’ve ever had, the perfect mix between sweet and sour with a liquory kick. Drunkards definitely need to order one of these bad boys, that means you Mat!


I also need to pay homage to the Mojito (13,000), and the Cosmopolitain (12,000) both exceptionally well made drinks and easily worth their price tag.


Lastly since I’m such a cocktail connoisseur, head bar tender Fredrick created a special cocktail just for me. We have named it Blue Tattoo and it’s all kinds of wonderfulness in a glass. Sweet but sour yet tropically refreshing, I think I may be in love with the handsome Fredrick and his delicious drinks (sorry TFB).


On to the food, as that’s clearly what you are all here for!  We kicked things off with the Beer Shrimp (16,000). Anything coated in beer batter is a win for me, and the spicy sauce on the side is perfection. The shrimps lay upon a bed of crispy fired battered onions, which pretty much seals the deal, I just wish there were more on the plate because these are far to easy to share and they disappeared in seconds.


Big ups also need to go to the Cobb Salad (14,000), which is probably the prettiest salad I’ve ever been served! A lovely mix of smoked chicken, bacon, blue cheese, egg, avocado, and tomato all tossed in a tangy blue cheese vinaigrette. No one would feel bad for eating this baby instead of a burger that’s for sure.


We also tried The Mac & Cheese (12,000).  For a start it’s probably the coolest shaped macaroni I’ve ever seen, all smothered in a rich cheesy sauce. However it’s the tomato and bacon jam that comes on top which takes it from good, to oh my god! If they sold jars of this jam I’d buy a whole case, I just couldn’t get enough of the sweet bacony goodness. I might even have to look into making some myself as I can’t stop thinking about it.


The Beer Bratwurst (18,000) are another new addition to the menu. Slowed braised in beer and onions for hours upon hours until they are soft, tender, and juicy. These were TFB’s favourites, though I’d personally prefer the option of mash on the side instead of the baguette, because you can’t beat a good bangers and mash!


My other favourite dish of the evening was probably the Sidewinders (13,000). Beer battered fries topped with cheese sauce, beef chili, and more of that fabulous bacon jam. These were sensational, I think we ended up having a bowl of these each by the end of the night we just couldn’t stop eating them! Kind of like an updated version of chili fries they were absolutely orgasmic.


To finish up we had the Brownie (9,000). The price is steep but as you can see it’s a little brownie sandwich topped with a white chocolate pistachio mousse which was pure heaven. Served with ice cream we demolished it in seconds.  I’m not sure where I put it after all those other dishes, but I found space somehow as there’s always room for free food.


As well as all this fantastic food, they are still serving up a full range of their  own 9-10 craft beers, and another 8 or 9 guest ales, like this awesome Snow White Ale (10,000) from Korea Craft Brewery. Which has the most adorable glass and coaster!


To promote their new location Craftworks is running a special promotion until the end of March, buy any food item and get a free taster paddle, just show the picture below to to participate. It’s the perfect way to get you acquainted with craft beers, or if you are more than familiar a way to drink for free!


Craftworks Itaewon is located on the 2nd floor, 736-9 hanam-dong,  Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Itaewon station and come out of exit 3. Walk straight for about 5 minutes until you pass the stone stairs and Rocky Mountain Tavern. Craftworks is in the building next door just underneath Richard Copycat. For more information you can call them on 070-4131-5002  or check out facebook page or website.




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    • There are a variety of places I find fine or okay, but choose not to share them as I don’t see the point of sharing mediocre restaurants. I look for places that I love or that offer something different or new. Or if the food is truly terrible then I will write a review saying so, but generally I share what I like, not what I don’t.

  1. Have to disagree with your review. The beer is mediocre at best and the food is dreadful. Was planning to have dinner there, but after having nachos while we looked over the menu, decided to go elsewhere. Worst nachos I’ve ever had anywhere, ever. Three people, six beers, bad nachos, KRW 58,000. Not going back.

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