Safely, soundly, yet somewhat delayed I finally managed to make it to good old New York City. After a good nights sleep I was up and ready to take the bull by the horns or in my case by the balls down in the Financial District.


With my exceptionally handsome tour guide and number 1 fan Paul, I took a magical boat ride to the most exotic of islands – Staten Island to go and see good Old Lady Liberty. The camera must add a few hundred pounds because shes much more svelt in real life.


And despite the grey and muggy, rather British weather, we took a walk across the Brooklyn bridge, well almost half, but since we walked back i’m figuring it equals a whole walk.


After all that walking around I was absolutely famished, and in desperate need of sustenance. Then out of nowhere in the dark dusky sky came Katz’s Deli shining out like a beacon of hope.


The deli famed for it’s enormous sandwiches and When Harry Met Sally orgasm scene was just what I had been longing for. I was recommended to get the corned beef or the pastrami. I went for the Pastrami on rye ($19,75) . Yeah it’s pricey at near on 20,000 but there was so much meat on there I could barely fit it in my gob and my mouth is pretty big. This puppy is a meat lovers heaven, the juicy chunky slices of beef were orgasmic. If only we could get meat like this in Seoul.


On the side came the best pickles ever, dill pickles, sour pickles, and pickled green tomatoes. I have to confess until now I’ve never really got the deal with pickles and how everyone and their dog complains about the sweet ones in Korea. But now I get it, these were amazing, as was the mustard, I was gobbling up the pickles with the mustard long after the sandwich was gone. It was a match made in heaven.


My wonderful travel companion Paul turned vegan last year, so could sadly not partake in the meaty delights, so he got himself the Potato Latkes with apple sauce ($4.75). These were super tasty and I’ll be going back before I leave for damn sure.


And to drink I had to try the New York Egg Cream ($3,75), which strangely enough has neither eggs nor cream. It’s a mix of soda, milk, and chocolate syrup. A very odd concoction to say the least but it certainly grows on you as the time passes.


What a way to start the trip, and there will be more foodie delights coming tomorrow, I’m only just getting started!



4 comments on “NYC – Day 1 – Katz’s Deli”

  1. Hey kiddo,

    Glad you made it to Katz’s. One small thing…. The picture of the dish Paul had aren’t potato knishes, they’re potato latkes (pancakes), a traditional Jewish food eaten at Chanukah. A potato knish is a giant dumpling stuffed with potato then baked (although the meat knishes are better, IMHO). L’chaim.

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