After the immense jet lag and hangover combination 20hr sleep in of yesterday, I made it my mission to catch up with a good old food crawl today. After a healthy home made breakfast I went on a monumental walk across the city.


My first stop was the Empire State Building. Though since it wasn’t Valentines day and I had no plans to meet either Tom Hanks or Carey Grant on the roof I decided to skip taking the lift all the way to the top.


A few blocks later  I passed the famous Flat Iron building, which was both flat and ironish.


My first foodie stop of the day was Union Square market. Open only on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays it’s a lovely open air food market selling local farm produce. Since it was a wee bit chilly, I warmed up with a a hot cider, an absolute bargain at $1.50 but sadly alcohol free. Other stalls offered bread, cheese, flowers, plants, pies, and honey.


After all that walking I was absolutely famished and desperately in need of some lunch. My first pizza stop was Joe’s Pizza,  famed as one of the best slices in the city it was pretty much perfection. The crust was wafer thin, and topped with the most pure and simple tasty tomato sauce and covered in melted cheese ($2.50). The capresa ($3.50)  was equally as good, and to think these beauties cost mere dollars. I’m now obsessed with New York style Pizza!


My second stop on the pizza train was Artichoke Bastille. I’d already had a couple of slices at Joes but there always room for more. This slice was insatiably thick and pillowy and covered in the creamiest cheesiest richest artichoke sauce I’ve ever tasted. Not for the faint hearted this one was pretty damn special, like incredibly special, but I don’t think you could manage more than a slice at a time though.


On my way home I passed by my old England favourite sandwich place Pret a Manger. I worked there years ago and have never been able to resist their sandwiches ever since. So I picked one up for later.


After all those carbs I needed a work out, so I shopped till I dropped. I just hope I can still fit into my new duds after all that pizza!





4 comments on “NYC – Day 3 – Pizza Pilgrimage”

  1. Good show, Gemma! Ya can’t beat Joe’s. BTW, the Farmer’s Market is open Saturday too…but it’s a mob scene. If you go back, you HAVE to get the apple cider doughnuts. They are outstanding and light as a feather.

  2. I loooooove New York style pizza 🙂 what a perfect way to spend a day in New York!

    The cider thing baffled me too. Cider is just fancy apple juice…not alcohol! You have to get hard cider if you want it with alcohol, and then it’s more likely to be apple juice spiked with rum or vodka then actually made of fermented apples.

    That’s the one reason I couldn’t move to America haha.

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