After a leisurely morning in bed to recuperate from such a busy weekend, I finally hauled myself up and took a stroll over to Carnegie Deli. I’d already been to Katz’s but wanted to check out the competition.



I decided to be very scientific about my comparison so ordered another Pastrami on Rye (17,500), with pickles and mustard on the side. The main difference between the two sandwiches was the thickness of the meat. I have to say the Carnegie was the winner in my book. The thinly sliced meat made it so much more melt in the mouth and it was easier to eat the fat instead of discarding big chunks of it. The pickles were better at Katz’s though, but I’ll still give the edge to Carnegie. I just wish I had had enough room left for a slice of one of their amazing pies!


I decided to follow up my sarnie with a trip to the highly recommended Momofuku milk bar to give the ever popular cereal milk ice cream a try. I had already poo pooed this fad when Bastille opened up in Itaewon, but since everyone was badgering me into it, I thought why not.


I ordered a cereal milk soft serve with hot fudge sauce ($6.50), I popped a spoonful into my mouth and was not remotely impressed. It had the oddest taste, I kept going trying to see what I had missed but it was just plain strange and not even cerealy. This is one trend that’s way over my head and I threw the rest away, which is not a frequent occurrence for me.

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After that I took a stroll down 5th and went to Lindt, I love that every chocolate store you go into here gives you a freebie as you walk in. After trawling the store I settled on another chocolate bunny for The Fat Boyfriend for Easter.


After that I went to check out 30 Rock, in homage of Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin.


I also popped into Jacques Torres and after having a few samples treated myself to a cookie ($3) to wash the terrible cereal milk taste out of my mouth.


On the way home I took a gander into the Hershey’s store in Times Square for a good look around and to get a Reeces Peanut Butter Bunny ($5.69) . I have been dying to get my hands on one of these babies for years, they are so cheap I might even go back for more.


After the chocolate tour whirlwind I took it easy and finally got myself a Chinese takeaway. I’ve always dreamed of getting Chinese in the cute little boxes they have here, so I’m finally glad the day had arrived. I got a General Tso’s Chicken, a spring roll and a Special Lo Mein all for the bargain ($14) and there was still ample left to provide me with breakfast for tomorrow. God I love America and their giant portions!.




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