The city was awash with green coloured clothing yesterday, as the people of New York took to the streets to watch the parade and get absolutely shitfaced in honor of St Patrick’s Day. I kicked off my morning by watching the parade, though for an Irish parade there certainly was an awful lot of tartan and bagpipes. But anyhow it was a glorious day and and certainly a sight worth seeing.


We stopped into a nearby Irish Pub for for a pint or two, I had a good old Magners, and a Green Budweiser which I found to be utterly charming, a green bottle is far superior to green beer!


After all that drinking I needed to sober up so got my first NY Bagel, can you believe it’s taken me this long? My garlic bagel with scallion cream cheese was divine, I’ll certainly be picking up a few to bring home with me for TFB, sans the cream cheese.


Later on in the evening I went down to the Meat Packing District to meet Jane, and we visited the sweetest bar ever, Sugar Factory!


The whole bar is themed around all things sugary and sweet. We got the rockingest cocktail ever Lollipop Passion ($35), a giant sweet and fruit frothing cocktail delight filled with lollipops and candy bracelets. Not cheap but incredibly fun, and potent!


After all that Sugar we popped over to the West Village for dinner at The Spotted Pig. A British style gastro pub, and I finally got around to ordering a cosmopolitan. After scanning the menu I couldn’t resist getting  the Burger ($20) which came with a giant pile of shoestring fries!


And Jane got the Sheep’s Milk Ricotta Gnudi, with sage and brown butter ($18). Incredibly rich, but totally divine.


I got home late but still had time for a bowl of ice cream before bed.





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