It was my last day in NYC and I really wanted to make the most it. The sun was shining so I got up and went for a super long walk around the city.



My first stop was Chelsea market. This place is foodie heaven as it’s absolutely packed with mini restaurants and stores selling all kinds of artisan goodies. Oh to live here and be able to come and shop here every week would be a dream come true. They have the most beautiful supermarket filled to the brim with the most incredible ingredients. I had so many visions of all the fabulous dinner parties I would throw.


After all that day dreaming I popped into The Lobster Place for my lunch. It was the fish market that dreams are made of, every kind of seafood imaginable and all the extra goodies you would need to put together a feast. They also had a tonne of little counters inside selling food ready to eat. I decided to treat myself to a lobster roll. It certainly wasn’t cheap at $17 and it was blooming small but it was damn tasty. The buttery roll paired so well with the zingy fresh dressed lobster chunks. I count myself lucky that I have Lobster Bar down the road in Itaewon, as I think their rolls are just as good!


After Chelsea Market, I took the subway over to China town and went to Joe’s Shanghai for a potion of Xiao Long Bao ($7). I do love a good soup dumpling and these were exceptional, the soupy gravy was pure heaven and on a par with some of the ones we ate in Hong Kong.


I was pretty stuffed at that point but couldn’t resist getting a few more goodies to take back for dinner from Prosperity Dumpling. Probably the cheapest food ever, I got 8 fried chive and pork dumplings and 2 duck filled scallion pancakes for a bargain $7.50. I would be here every day if I lived in NYC, it was so cheap and tasty, no wonder the queue was a mile long to get in. Though unlike Shake Shack, it was definitely worth the wait!


Lastly after packing all my goodies to bring home, I had just enough time for a slice of  $1 cheese pizza before my early morning flight.


Overall I had an amazing trip and although there was still so much I wanted to see and to eat, I’m pretty proud of what I managed to pack in. I got to catch up with old friends and even make a few new ones. I’ll certainly miss New York, but it’s good to be back in Seoul, especially since I brought a little bit of New York back with me.




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