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Spring is here and the lovey sunny weather has really sprung me into action into planting up my herb garden all ready for summer. Every year I plant a few seeds so I can enjoy fantastic fresh herbs in my salads, dips, and cocktails. This year I have planted cilantro, dill, basil, mint, and oregano. I also bought myself a mint and basil plant over in the flower market in Gyeongridan to get things started and all the rest are sown from seeds I got from Daiso. They have such an array of gardening stuff and it’s all dirt cheap so why not give it a try. You might be surprised at how well things like basil and mint grow here, and the benefits of having your own fresh herbs on hand are priceless.

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I decided that I would also try and have another go at growing vegetables  this year so I’ve planted some beetroot, onions, courgettes, and lettuce. My tomato plant of last year wasn’t as successful as I was hoping as we only got about 6 cherry tomatoes from it, but six is surely better than nothing. And since then I’ve been reading up on some tips and found that pinching the leaves goes along way to getting more fruit.

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As you can see from my pictures we don’t have a great deal of space, but it’s more than ample. And once those veggies start to sprout I’ll move them into bigger containers. Below are the basil plants I managed to grow last year, by the end of summer we were practically living on pesto we had so much of it. So get get those green thumbs working and kick start your garden now.

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