Considering how often I cook and eat out, I also manage to make my way through an awful lot of take out food too. Nothing makes me happier than lounging upon my sofa watching The Real Housewives and knowing that a delicious treat is winging it’s way to me without having to lift a finger. After many years together I have TFB pretty well trained and he diligently collects my take out treats for me when I’m feeling lazy, hungover, or both. But sometimes TFB is feeling lazy too and neither of us can muster the strength to feed ourselves, which is where a delivery service comes in handy.

As you know I’m a big fan of Y-Not takeout, but they only deliver on weekends 12-2.30 & 4.30-9pm. I’m usually ravenous from the moment I wake up so waiting until then just wont cut it. Which is how I discovered Bird Riders. They have a large variety of western restaurants on their books, which includes Thai, Mexican, and a whole host of other options from all over the city. The further away the restaurant the more the delivery charge, but it’s nice to have options. The typical cost of delivery is between 4,000 – 8,000 for the HBC area, which all in all is a bargain for not having to ever leave the comfort of your own home.


Last Sunday we ordered ourselves a curry from Little India. I placed the order at 9.01pm and it arrived by 9.24pm which was pretty damn fast indeed, although I’m sure it would take longer during peak hours. The total came to around 50,000 which included a butter chicken, a palak paneer, a mutton vindaloo, rice, samosas, garlic naan, and raita. We had ample left overs to see us through dinner the next day so overall I was pretty damn chuffed, you can’t beat a good curry on Sunday night. You can also pay with cash or card, saving you a trip to the ATM.


I’ve used the service a couple of times now and have always found it easy to use. To place an order visit their website and select your address area to find out delivery costs. Choose what you want to eat from a multitude of restaurants, then sit back and wait for your delivery. The service operates from 11am – 11pm everyday, though restaurant times vary, check their website for more details.



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