Note – Fat Cat came under new management recently, the menu is similar but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.


I’ve been living in HBC for almost three years now and in that time I’ve seen a hell of a lot of changes. Though out of all the restaurants I have seen come and go, the one that has undergone more transformations than Lady Gaga is the newly renamed Fat Cat. When I first came to town it was known and beloved as Indigo. Then after a complete face lift it altered its name to Good to Go, before partnering up with Giovanni and becoming Il Gattino. And now finally it’s changed again and become Fat Cat.


This time owner Steve has partnered up with the Chili King himself Kevin Cryer to offer up to HBC residents a taste of good old American diner style food. The grand opening was just a few weeks ago so we went to have a good old look at the new menu.


The menu on the whole is pretty similar and they are still serving their popular sandwiches so don’t fret. But new to the menu are a variety of King Kev’s burgers. After a peruse we settled on the Fat Cat Burger (14,000). A handmade beef patty topped with American cheese, ranch, relish, bacon and crispy onions. It also came with fries and coleslaw. It certainly wasn’t cheap at 14,000 but sadly this is the reality of the prices we are facing in Seoul these days. Despite the price, the burger was pretty darn good, a hearty patty, lovely caramelized onions and a great ratio of meat, salad, and bun. I wasn’t quite sure about the sauces used though, if they could get some barbecue sauce in there, they could be on to a winner.


To go with our burger we got a side of Chili Fries (8,500). Hard to go wrong with chili fries, the chili was reasonably tasty, albeit rather lukewarm, and topped with cheese. A decent sized portion for the price, I’d probably have these again, just hopefully a bit warmer next time.


After my first visit I decided to give Fat Cat another go last night when I saw the Rotisserie chicken set they were offering for take away. A whole rotisserie chicken, mash, gravy and a bread roll for only 13,000. Now to me that is pretty good deal indeed. It was raining so I was desperately in need of comfort food so I thought why the hell not. I was very impressed once I prized the box open and saw a lusciously golden chicken looking back at me. The skin had been flavoured with herbs and was pure heaven, cooked to perfection, nothing beats a rotisserie chicken in my book. The mash was tasty but lukewarm, they really need to get to grips with reheating in that kitchen. The gravy was okay, a bit of a herby, perfumey taste but not too over powering. All in all a bloody good deal for when you are feeling lazy. I’d like to say I shared this with TFB but it would just be an out and out lie. By the time he arrived home I had devoured the lot! But it would just about feed two less greedy people. I’ll definitely be getting this again that’s for sure!


Overall I’m quite pleased by some of the changes I’ve seen at Fat Cat. There are still a few things that need to be worked on but I’ll definitely be up for giving a few more items on the menu a try, especially if they keep up the special take out options.


Fat Cat is located at 46, Yongsan 2 ga, Yongsan gu, Seoul. To get there head to Noksapyeong station(line 6) and come out exit 2. Walk straight and bear left at the kimchi pots. Keep walking up the hill until you see the tall blue building that houses Fat Cat on your right. It’s just across from Bonny’s Pizza. For more information you can call them on 02-797-2970 or check out their facebook page.




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