As we all know incredibly well, I am the queen of cocktail lovers, nothing makes me happier than having a lovely well made drink in my hand, and something delicious in the other. When the sun is shining there’s only one place to be and that’s up on my roof top enjoying a drink or three while relaxing in the sun. Being a food blogger sometimes has its perks and last week my lovely friends over at Berentzen sent me over a bottle of their new wild cherry flavour for my drinking pleasure. I made two cocktails using my cherry liquor; the first was a cherry lemonade which is all kinds of summer and drinkable all day long, and the second a cherry twist on the French 75, a champagne cocktail that’s as classy as the girl who introduced me to it!


Cherry Lemonade
2 shots of lemon syrup (recipe here)
2 shots of vodka
2 shots of Wild Cherry Berentzen
500ml of Soda Water
Lemon slices


French Cherry 75 
1/2 a shot of Wild Cherry Berentzen
1/2 a shot of gin
1/2 a shot of lemon syrup
200ml of champagne (or best fizz)
Lemon peel


1. To make the cherry lemonade put the lemon syrup, vodka, and cherry Berentzen into a large jug and stir. Fill the jug with ice and sliced lemon and top with soda. Then give the whole thing another good stir before serving.

2. To make the French Cherry 75 pour the Cherry Berentzen, gin, and lemon syrup into a cocktail shaker with a few cubes of ice and shake before pouring into a champagne glass. Top with champagne and garnish with a piece of lemon peel.



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