Last week was my lovely friend Laura’s birthday, and to celebrate the fact that neither she, nor I for that matter, is getting any younger, we went out for a birthday lunch. The spot she chose was Witch’s Table in Gwanghwamun. It’s not a place I know well so was keen to see how it fared.


We arrived to find the quaint and adorable restaurant nestled in a quiet little alleyway just off the main road. There was a lovely seating area outside on the patio which is where we had reserved to sit, plus seating inside.


The menu is quite large considering that the restaurant is quite small, a mix of sandwiches, pizzas, and Italian pasta and salad dishes. Since there were so many of us we decided to each have a dish and then share a couple of pizzas too.


For my main dish I had the capresa salad (11,000). A lovely and generous size, the salad was strewn with plenty of fresh mozzarella and cherry tomatoes. It was fresh and well balanced, even though it was served with salad leaves instead of just fresh basil, I still enjoyed it immensely.


As well as the capresa we also ordered a couple of the Caesar salads (10,000). Lots of grilled chicken, crunchy crutons, freshly grated parmesan, and a tasty Caesar dressing. It was perfect for the sunny weather, light and refreshing but again large enough to be filling.


The first pizza we ordered was the Margarita (12,000). The handmade base was lovely and thin and crispy, topped with cheese and a rich tomato sauce, and strewn with baby leaves . It paired perfectly with the salads.


We also ordered the Gorgonzola (13,000). I had never tried the combination of gorgonzola and honey pizza until I came to Korea but it’s a combination that I have grown to love. I adore a mix of sweet and savoury, especially when it comes to cheese so for me this was an ideal choice.


Birthday girl Laura got herself the Ham & Cheese Panini (8,500). She very kindly let me have a bite, and I was very impressed, lovely panini style bread, plenty of tasty thick sliced ham and lovely mozzarella cheese. A well made panini is often something we don’t easily find in Seoul so if you are craving one you definitely need to pay them a visit.


Teriyaki chicken sandwich (8,500). The sandwich was huge on lovely freshly baked bread and stuffed with salad and teriyaki chicken. I had a bit and it was delicious. I almost considered getting one to go. They also have a lot of other sandwich choices on the menu which I must go back and try next time.


Lastly, since it was Laura’s birthday, and she was a regular customer, owner Ellie sent over a plate of the seafood pasta. Oh my god was this delicious. I was already quite comfortably full after my salad and pizza and a bit of everyone’s sandwiches but I couldn’t resist trying it, then practically finishing the second half of it. The sauce was rich and creamy and very addictive. I was full but couldn’t stop eating it until it was all gone! That’s a good meal in my book.


As well as the monumental amount of food we ate, we also all had a drink each, I opted for a nice cup of tea to help me digest all that pasta. It came in this adorable teapot and cup combo (3,500). All the drinks were priced at the same level or lower which I thought was very reasonable considering how much coffee shops charge these days.


All in all I really enjoyed this meal and I will definitely be returning. The food was incredibly tasty and very well priced as I think we only paid 20,000 each in the end. The food may not have been traditional Italian but it was absolutely delicious and overall that’s all I want from a meal!


Witch’s Table is located at 116 Naesu-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea. To get there take a train to Gwanghwamun station and come out of exit 1 walk straight and take the left hand fork of the road just up the end of that road turn left and keep walking straight and you will see the entrance to the alleyway up on your left. Go through the alleyway and turn right, you will see Witch’s table just ahead of you at the very end. For more information you can call them on 02-723-2727.




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