Yesterday I was walking around Jongno, when I came across this little sweet shop, and after I saw the copious amounts of Rich Tea and Ginger Nut biscuits stacked up outside for 1,000 won a packet I had to go inside to investigate further.


The store has a whole bunch of different kinds of foreign sweets, biscuits, and chocolates. It’s a mixed bag but definitely a few good recognizable British goodies.

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The chocolate aisle is not the best, Lint and Ritter Sport, but you can usually find those in Homeplus. They did have a quite a nice selection of Ghiradelli though. Plus Toffifee and Riesen along with my dads favourite, pink and white soft Nougat, .


Probably the most dazzling array was all the cookies from Pepperidge Farm, they had a staggering array of delicious kinds of sweet cookies, like these white chocolate and macadamia nut ones I got for a bargain 2,000. They also had all kinds of Goldfish crackers too. Who knew they had flavours like smores, vanilla cupcake, and fudge brownie?

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I was quite surprised to see such a nice array of Mcvities biscuits too, including Go ahead, Short Bread and Cream filled. It a small thing but it’s just so heart warming when you see foods you recognize from home.

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They also have a selection of Carr’s crackers, yes I know they have these everywhere but not for a bargain 1.500 a box! Let the cheese and cracker parties commence!


And Jelly Beans, lots and lots of Jelly Beans, all of them in fact, and 250 won per 10g.


And here is a treat for my lovely readers from Down Under, Tim Tams in every flavour for a meager 1,000 won. For any of my UK homies, Tim Tams taste exact like Penguins, that chocolate and biscuity treat that we all had in our school lunch boxes.


Lastly jam, jars upon jars of lovely sweet sticky jam. I didn’t count but there were at least a dozen flavours including my favourite blackcurrant, fig, kumquat, raspberry, black cherry and peach.


So here was my haul of goodies and it cost a mere 13,000 won. So if anyone wants to pop around for a cup of tea and a biscuit, I’m well prepared.


Sweet Space is located at 80-2 Jong-ro Jongno-gu Seoul (서울트별시 종로구 종로 80-2). If you are coming from HBC just get on the 143 going through the tunnel and get off at Jongno2ga. By subway, go to either Jonggak(exit 4) or Jongno 3ga(exit 15). Walk straight until you see the store on your right(if coming from Jonggak) or on your left just after crossing Jongno 2ga(if coming from Jongno 3ga). For more information please check out their website as it has a list of all their products and their prices.




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