Last weekend I very sadly said goodbye to my best friend Mat. It was his last weekend in Seoul, so to commemorate the occasion we went for one last Sunday brunch.  We have both been regulars at Left Coast since it first opened, and since they just started offering brunch it seemed like the ideal location for the last supper.The brunch menu has a collection of popular American brunch dishes as well as a handful of their starters and burgers, and is offered on weekends between 11:30 and 3pm.


After a good old gander at the menu I decided to order the Chicken Fried Steak (14,000). I have always wanted to try one, as I never really knew what the hell it was. It always seemed like such a funny name to me. For other ignorant Brits like me, chicken fried steak is a piece of steak which is breaded and fried like southern fried chicken. It also comes with mash and gravy. I really loved this dish, much more than I thought I would. The seasoned coating was fantastic, they should really consider doing some fried chicken too! The steak albeit a bit tough in parts, was tasty too and was perfectly adorned with mash and gravy. Despite the hot weather this went down a treat,  and I’m not usually one for American gravy, so this one definitely gets a thumbs up from me.


TFB and the majority of the rest of the table, all ordered themselves a Breakfast Burrito (12,900). Filled with chorizo, eggs, tater tots, cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo and served with seasoned potatoes. This is a nice hearty size and it comes with a nice pile of spicy fried potatoes on the side. Everyone seemed to absolutely love these, but personally I thought the burrito was too spicy and had kind of a one note of heat, though I was informed after I’d eaten it that TFB had doused it in a monumental amount of hot sauce, so that may have had something to do with it. I loved the potatoes on the side though, I think I managed to eat everyone’s leftovers and there were quite a few going around.


As well as the Steak and Burrito, we also got the Breakfast Sandwich (11,000). Fried egg, bacon, smashed tots, cheese, avocado, hot sauce, and mayo. This one also comes with the seasoned potatoes and I thought it was the best value. The sandwich was so tasty and definitely had the Mmmm factor. I thought it was really well balanced with just the right amount of heat, I much preferred it to the breakfast burrito.


We were a big table so we tried quite a lot of dishes in the end. One of the standout sides for me was the Baked Mac & Cheese (8,000). I  had never tried the LC version of this before and I was really impressed. I loved the larger pasta shells, as it really kicked it up a notch, it was lovely and cheesy too.


As we were such a big group and it was such a sad occasion, we were given a Cookie Pie (10,000) on the house. I have eaten these on many occasions but am still always surprised how amazing they are. A rich chocolately freshly baked soft cookie, topped with vanilla ice cream. These are incredibly moreish and insanely addictive. A must try for the sweet toothed!


The cocktail list is currently still quite small, with just a few varieties of their hard lemonade. However I’ve been informed that they are working on a brunch cocktail menu right now. Hopefully it will be rolled out soon as brunch really is all about the booze for me, though luckily their delicious food was enough to keep me distracted this time.


Left Coast is located at 130-43 Itaewon-dong, Seoul. To get there take a train to Itaewon Station (Line 6) and walk out of exit 4, turn back on yourself and take the road on your left (the street where Taco Bell is) and walk straight. Keep walking on the same side you’re on for about 150 meters, Left Coast is on the right on the second floor. You can call them on 02-6223-5338 or check out their facebook page for more details.



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