Hello my lovelies I hope you will forgive me for my long leave of absence, I was enjoying myself in England far too much to have any time to write. But to make up for my neglect I thought I’d bring you this extra sweet treat in the form of my favourite Itaewon bakery. Despite the popularity of cupcakes there really aren’t all that many places in the hood to get them, and I was heart broken when my old favourite cupcake store “Life is Just a Cup of Cake” closed down last year. Luckily I had Sugar Daddy to pick up the slack and fill the void of baked goods left in my life.


You may not know this but Sugar Daddy is actually run by Korea’s favourite ex-pat comedian Sam Hammington’s wife, and she has been churning out her baked delights and selling them to the masses for years now. The location has certainly moved a fair bit over the years, they first started off with a tiny shop in HBC, then they moved to a bigger shop by Mcdonalds in Itaewon and now they have moved to a larger space again up in an alley way just behind the Hamilton Hotel.


The new store is up on the second floor so you will need to take a lift to get up there, or walk up a fight of stairs which will of course justify that second or third piece of cake you plan to have. The new location has lots of seating but sadly no outdoor space like the last one. However what they lack in alfresco seating they make up for in menu vastness.


They still have their fantastic cupcakes (5,000) of course in an an array of fab flavours. I’m still torn as to whether the red velvet or the lemon is my favourite, I guess I’ll just have to keep testing them until I come up with a definitive answer.


If tiny cakes aren’t your thing they also serve big bountiful cakes by the slice. You can also order a whole one ahead of time for your upcoming special occasion, (eg Monday), just to help you make it through the day.


As well as cake there are at least half a dozen different kinds of cheesecakes (6,500) including Tim Tam, Peppermint, Red Velvet, Lemon, Pumpkin and Oreo. Along with my favourite Mini Key Lime Pies (5,000), which I’m sure is the only place in Seoul offering them. I’ve been missing them ever since my good friend and Florida local Jen left these shores and never looked back. Please come back Jen, I miss pie, I mean you.


And to keep up with trendy Cereal Killer Cafe in Shordich, London, the hipster kingdom of the world, SD is also serving up bowls of cereal and milk for (5,500) a bowl, and they have quite the array. So be sure to check out the new location next time you have ‘Brinner’ craving.


Sugar Daddy is located at 2F 118-5,  Itaewon dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. (이태원동 118-5 2층, Seoul, Korea). To get there take a train to Itaewon station (line 6) and come out of exit 1. walk straight until you reach the third alleyway on the right. Walk straight past the CU and Belgrade up the hill until you reach a black and grey new building on the left just opposite the car park. You will see a sigh outside, follow the path around then take the lift or stairs to the second floor. For more information you can call them on 02-749-0723 or check out their facebook page. Sugar Daddy is open from 10am -10pm everyday.



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  1. I will definitely try this out as I am a huge fan of red velvet done right. However, 5,500 for a bowl of cereal is redonk. Should be more like 2,500 – 3,000 at most.

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