Yesterday morning I tried my very first Nitro Coffee. The craft cold brewed coffee is already becoming very popular in large cities around the world, and I am sure that coffee loving Seoul will be no exception. Korea based Brüworks have just launched their first two batches light and dark roast, with a further two single origin flavours Ethiopian and Brazilian expected to come out soon.


For anyone who is a fan of cold brew coffee, like me, Nitro Coffee takes the process a few steps further. Unlike hot coffee, Nitro coffee eliminates the acid and fat which you get while brewing with boiling water and therefore makes a smoother cup of coffee which doesn’t need milk or sugar to be added. The coffee is kegged and stored with nitrogen, then poured with a tap just like a beer. As you can see below, it looks exactly like Guinness while it is settling and even creates a white head on top!


My usual coffee of choice is an ice vanilla latte, or a hot Americano, so a cold black coffee isn’t usually an option for me, in fact the words ice Americano usually fills my taste buds with dread, but after hearing about Nitro Coffee I couldn’t resist giving it a try. The coffees are priced around 5,000 – 6,000 won each depending upon the establishment. I opted for the dark roast which I found to be very smooth and creamy with just a hint of sweetness at the end and not at all bitter, it was actually very pleasant indeed and just perfect for the hot weather.


If you would like to give it a try, Nitro Coffee is currently available at Fat Cat in HBC, for directions click here. You can also find it at Wink near Kyodae, Heaven for a G in Gyeongridan, Duke’s at the Korean War Memorial near Samgakji,Walkabout on Namsan (by Animation Museum), 180 Coffee Roasters in Bundang, Ohkoos in Apgujeong, 류 Coffee in Bucheon, La Grima in Daegu, Miles Coffee in Busan, First Alleyway in Gwangju, Synopsis Cafe in Gwangju, Cafe DeMano in Pangyo, Burger Guru in Soraemaeul. If you would like more information about Nitro Coffee or Brüworks then check out their website.



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