What do you get when you add Linus’ pulled pork to a Vatos beef burger? You get a Sid Burger, which is one of the most highly rated burgers among Seoul’s Burger Loving Elite. After having his namesake burger on the menu at Vatos for quite sometime now, owner Sid Kim has decided to spread the good word, branch out, and make Sid Burger a fully fledged restaurant of its own.


The new restaurant is located at fancy food court Over the Dish near City Hall. The space is just a window where you order your food, you are then given a buzzer and left to find your own seat either inside or out. As it was such a nice evening we decided to dine al fresco. You can also buy beers and cocktails from the convenience store nearby.


On the menu are seven different types of burger, all of which can be ordered in full burger size, or as 2 sliders. I opted to get The Southwestern (10,000). The beef patty is topped with garlic horseradish mayo, pepper jack cheese, bacon, onion rings, and barbecue sauce. The first thing that has to be talked about are the insatiably good beef patties, which are expertly seasoned and full of flavour, they are everything a good beef burger should be. The onion rings in the burger are also excellent and really made the whole burger pop. The horseradish mayo and bacon you kind of lose a bit, but overall it’s a hell of a mouthful.


TFB went for the Sid Burger 2.0 (12,500) which has now been upgraded to included pulled pork from Linus himself along with jalapeno relish, pepper jack cheese, apple bacon coleslaw, horseradish mayo, and Linus barbecue sauce. This burger is like a party in your mouth where everyone is invited. Pure decadence and worth every single calorie. A burger topped with pulled pork and bacon coleslaw is always going to be pure heaven though. I did find it to be tad on the spicy side but I still probably preferred it to the southwestern. If you have tried the original Sid Burger at Vatos then you definitely need to try this one.


As well as the burgers, we also ordered a side of Onion Rings (5,000) and Chili Cheese Fries (11,000) which we quite frankly didn’t need as all the burgers come with a half order of fries. While the onion rings were incredibly on point, in their lusciously thick and generous batter and super tasty dipping sauce, the chili fries left a lot to be desired. Despite their hefty price tag they were topped with so little cheese you’d be hard pushed to find it. While the chili itself was fine they just seemed a real let down in comparison to the onion rings which you could get two portions of for the same amount and still have a cheon left to buy yourself an ice cream on the way home.

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Fortunately for my greed, I was actually dining with quite a large group of my friends that evening so got to try a couple of the other burgers in the menu too. The hands down winner of the burger race for me that evening was the Pork Belly and Egg burger (11,000). The patty was topped with a nice thick piece of deep fried pork belly, samjang mayo, and a fried egg. All the ingredients in this one worked in perfect harmony to give me the ultimate “Mmmm” factor that I’ve been lusting after. It was heaven in burger form. I also loved that the yolk oozed out so you could dip your fries into it.


The Bacon Guacamole with Cheese (12,000) is also worth mentioning. Topped with bacon, guacamole, red onions, and mustard, we tried this one in slider form. The burgers had a generous helping of lovely guacamole and a salty bacony flavour. Again I lost the cheese here, but when you have bacon and avocado who needs it? I think the full burger size size is the way to go though, as the sliders seemed small in comparison.


Overall I was more than happy with what we had, the burgers are incredibly tasty and very well priced at 8,000 -12,500, especially when compared to other burger shops around the city, plus the onion rings are an absolute steal. If you live or work in the local area they offer delivery, but if not I’d say it’s worth making a special trip to City Hall just to give it a try. In fact it may be my new favourite burger joint in Seoul. So thank you Sid Kim, we here at Fat Girl salute you, you are truly doing God’s work, first tacos and now burgers, we can’t wait to find out what you plan to feed us next!


Sid Burger is located at 19 Seosomunro 11gil, Jung-gu, Seoul (중구 서소문로11길 19). To get there take a train to City Hall Station, (Line 1,2) ans come out exit 10. Walk on for about 50 metres and then take a right. You will see Over the Dish on your left side. Sid Burger is about the fifth restaurant along on the right hand side once you enter the food court. For more information you can call them on 02-318-0640.



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