There really isn’t much better than an ice cream on a hot summer’s day, except maybe ice cream that is delivered to your door at virtually no extra cost. Long gone are the days of the ice cream man bringing to you his delicious frozen creamy treats, but tomorrow, on Friday 24th of July  between 1pm -5pm, Uber will be delivering ice cream all over Seoul! .

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As part of this wonderful promotion, Uber will be delivering ice cream from my favourite ice cream shop in Korea, Fell + Cole. I adore Fell + Cole and their incredible ice creams, but getting my lazy ass to Hongdae sometimes requires more effort than I’m willing to exert, especially in this heat.  However for one day only Uber will do the hard work for you. As part of their special promotion you can order two pints of their fabulous flavours, Earl Grey and Agave Chocolate, via the Uber App to wherever you are for a mere 32,000. The value of the ice cream is actually 30,000 won so you are essentially getting delivery and some Uber goodies for a mere 2,000 won extra. Order it to your office, share it with your friends or just treat yourself at home, you’ve had a hard week after all!


How It Works:

  1. Open the Uber app on Friday, July 24, between 1pm and 5pm
  2. Set your location and request ICE CREAM
  3. If connected, order away and 2 pints (earl gray and agave chocolate flavor each) of Fell + Cole Gastronomic Ice Creams will be delivered curbside in minutes
  4. Your ice cream will come nicely packaged with Uber goodies for KRW 32,000 (retail price for ice cream: KRW 30,000)


And the fun doesn’t stop there, for all my lovely readers I’ve also got an extra special treat from me to you, 5,000 won off your next Uber ride! So if you miss out on your chance of getting your ice cream and are new to Uber type in my special promo code  FATGIRL2015 to get 5,000 won off your next Uber experience. 


For those unfamiliar with Uber it’s basically a car ordering service, you can order a luxury black car and feel like a star as doors are opened for you and you ride around with black tinted windows sipping your free water, or use it to order a regular Seoul taxi, which although everywhere are sometimes hard to find in certain areas and hours of the day. If you have any questions about Uber or this promotion then please contact them here.

How to Uber

1. Download the Uber app
2. Sign up and verify your mobile number
3. Go to Promotions in your app and enter code FATGIRL2015
4. Set your pickup location by moving the pin or entering an address and request
5. Your driver will arrive within minutes – enjoy KRW 5,000 off your first ride!
*must register an internationally accepted VISA, MasterCard, or AmEx






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