Ever since my last post about the new citron(유자) soju, sales have gone through the roof. Korea’s favourite liquor was crying out for a revamp and with the added flavour and lowered alcohol content it’s no surprise that it has become insatiably popular. With bottles of the original Citron Soju flying off the shelves almost as quickly as honey butter chips, the other soju competitors wasted no time at all in bringing out their own flavours. Honestly I’ve always been amazed at how little time it takes for Korean companies to copy one another’s ideas. So out came the novelly named red, blue, and yellow flavours. Yes color is a delicious taste. There is now even a pink and scarlet flavour but I could only get my mitts on the blue and the red. With it being Liberation Day and all I figured I’d make a couple of drinks to celebrate the fact my better half has the day off. As an unemployed self-employed writer I always have the day off, and unemployment & writing have always been synonymous with alcoholism so really it was a win win. I kept these pretty simply with mixers I found in the convenience store. If you are just drinking these outside the mart on the street, you can also buy ice cups too. I added the lime wedges, mint, and blueberries as garnishes at home but you can easily make them without, though you’d be surprised at what convenience stores sell these days so add a fruit garnish if you can.


Pretty in Pomegranate

2 shots Red Soju

1 can of Welsh’s passion fruit & mango

Ice & lime slice


Bluju Sparkle

2 shots Blue Soju

1 bottle of Sparkling Lime Water

Ice, Lime Slice & Blueberries


1. To make the Pretty in Pomegranate put your ice in a glass, top with red soju, then the passion fruit & mango juice. Garnish with fruit & mint if you have it.

2 To make the Bluju Sparkle put your ice in a glass, top with blue soju, then the sparkling lime water. Garnish with a slice of lime and blueberries if you have them.




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  1. Totally rando question but where’d you buy your mason jars? Hopefully somewhere here in Korea? Thanks for your blog, too – I really enjoy it. 🙂

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