When I heard that a new chicken teriyaki place had opened up in Haebangchon I put it on my list of places to try. However when I heard they were giving away their food for free it jumped straight to the head of the queue, and I ran there as quickly as my chubby little legs would carry me.


The menu, like the store, is pretty tiny, in fact it’s almost minuscule. But like they say the best things come in small packages. There are basically only 2 things in the menu, chicken or shrimp, which you can get with a black pepper sauce or a teriyaki sauce. They also do a version with both chicken and shrimp and a handful of beers and soft drinks.


We decided to order the Shrimp in Pepper Sauce (9,900). This dish was absolutely scrumptious and reminded me so much of the szechuan style black pepper chicken we get back at home. Big juicy shrimp with the same mix of carrot, cabbage and broccoli. To get the full effect Steve told us to mix it all up with the chop sticks and add some of the special home made chili sauce. We added just a bit and it indeed had quite a kick and I was grateful I had a beer on the side.


We also decided to get a classic Chicken Teriyaki (7,700). Tasty tender pieces of chicken stir fried with vegetables and tossed in a teriyaki sauce served over a bed of rice. This dish was divine. It had just the right of sweet and saltiness in the sauce. Of the two it’s actually a close call as to which one is better. I think for me the teriyaki just has the edge, but TFB preferred the black pepper. Either way they are both great and I look forward to seeing what else they put on the menu.


To promote the new store owner Steve is giving every first time customer a free potion of the chicken or shrimp with the sauce of your choice if you like their facebook page. He is so confident in his food that he knows you will be back to buy more. So go check out them out and spread the good word, there’s a new colonel in town.


Vertex Chicken is located at 24-17 Yongsan-dong 2-ga , Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Noksapyeong station (line 6) and come out of exit 2. Walk straight until the road bears left into HBC. Take this road and keep walking straight past the kimchi pots. Keep walking straight until you reach the very end of the HBC road and follow it around the left hand corner. Vertex Chicken is a little way up opposite the 7-11. For more information you can call them on 02-790-9292 or check out their facebook page. They are open on weekends from 12-10pm and weekdays 11am-10pm. They are closed on Tuesdays and between 3-4 every day.



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