When I first started writing this food blog, I never imagined that I would ever be writing a post about Maccy D’s. Not that I’m not partial to a Big Mac mind you, because I most certainly am, especially when drunk, or hungover, or hungry. It’s just fast food isn’t usually the subject of food reviews.


However times have changed and McDonald’s have upped their game to keep up with the fast paced culinary world that we live in. Burgers are big business and with the rise of the gourmet burger, I’m sure Ronald took quite the hit. So to keep things fresh, they set about launching the Create your Taste Signature Burger line.


The Mcdonald’s at Sinchon station has been chosen as the debut store in Korea. There is a touch screen computer where you can pay for and order your own customized fancy burger that then gets brought to your table when it’s ready.


Luckily the menu is in English and Korean, and we had lots of fun trying out the new machine and making our own burgers. To make your own own burger, you first select the bun, then how many of the Angus beef patties you want, then cheese, fresh toppings, and sauces before lastly adding the make it tasty goodies that cost extra like maple bacon, grilled onions, mushrooms or extra cheese. You can then make it a set and add fries and the drink of your choice. Once ordered you grab your buzzer and take a seat.


Our burgers came pretty quickly, only taking about 5 minutes. For my burger, which I am naming The Fat Girl, I had a brioche bun, angus patty, double provalone cheese, red onion, lettuce, maple bacon, garlic aioli, and bbq sauce. I also added fries and a coke to make a set for (9,900). The burger was actually very tasty and you could certainly taste the difference in the beef, it wasn’t out of this world amazing but it was a good burger. My favourite toppings were the garlic aioli and the maple bacon.


I think I’d switch it up a little next time and get grilled onions and mushrooms but overall I was happy with my choices. My favourite part of the experience was the fact that the fries came in those little cute baskets, the coke was the same but the little touches like it being brought to your table, and the real knife and fork made it seem a little more special.


My beloved boyfriend ordered a Brioche bun with two patties, pepperjack cheese, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, jalapeno, bacon, relish, and spicy barbecue sauce which he is naming the McNiall (11,900). His was a little more as he got the extra burger in his. He too enjoyed the patty, and tailoring the ingredients to suit his spicy tastes. I think adding the second burger is the way forward as you can balance the sauce to meat ratio to make sure it stays nice and moist.


Overall I was quite impressed with my novelty dinner and it got the thumbs up from both of us. It’s a step up from the usual fare and on par with other burgers in the same price range. I’d say it’s in the same arena as In-N-Out or Shake Shack, possibly better because I didn’t have to queue, but I never particularly cared for either of those restaurants anyway so die hard fans may vehemently disagree. Is it twice as good as two Big Macs? I’m not sure, but we both left full and happy and enjoyed the whimsy of the new ordering system.


Create Your Taste McDonalds is located at the Sinchon branch. To get there take a train to Sinchon Station (line 2) and come out of exit 3. McDonald’s is just to your right, although you can enter the restaurant from inside the subway station. For more information check their website.





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  1. Oh I am glad I bump into this post ! Am gonna be in Seoul less than 2 weeks. Definitely gonna give this a try looks cool with the touch screen to choose and order your own taste of burger.

    Was wondering after placing the order straight to the counter to pay and get the buzzer thingy ? Right

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