Finding great cheap food in this city is actually pretty damn easy, most Korean food won’t really run you over 10,000 if you don’t want anything too fancy, some rice, veggies, and a little meat will always fall into this budget, but finding great foreign foods for under that figure is fraught with a little bit more difficulty. But just because you have the budget of a pauper, doesn’t mean you can’t eat like a king. Below are my favourite 7 under 7,000 won, the best economical eats in Seoul.


1. CasablancaChicken Sandwich (7,000). Over four years ago a little Morroccan sandwich shop opened it’s doors in a small neighbourhood called HBC. It was quickly proclaimed as the best sandwich in Korea and today very few people would debate that title. Is it the amazing crispy bread, the tangy lemon soaked chicken or those famous battered potatoes? Who could say for sure what the magic is, but if you’ve still yet to try it then get on that sucker now.


2. Menya SandaimeTonkotsu (7,000) Handmade Japanese noodles in a pork broth so rich it tastes like gravy topped with a hard boiled egg and slices of char siu pork. Pretty unbeatable, if you are feeling frivolous then add a side of gyoza (3,000) too, they shouldn’t be missed.


3. Maddux PizzaSpinach & Artichoke Slice (6,700) This pizzeria has a nice range of slices that come well under the 7,000 mark, but you might as well get the most calories for your dollars. This baby is topped with lashings of cheese, creamed spinach, and artichoke. It’s a heavy slice that’s almost too big to carry and will certainly keep you full for hours.


4. Little Baja2 Fish Tacos (6,000) Like fish tacos? Who the hell doesn’t! And these Cali style fishy treats are one of my favourite tacos in the city. Battered pieces of fish topped with their home made pico de gallo, fresh salad, and creamy cool sauce. Visit on Taco Tuesday and it’s a dollar off every pair that you buy.


5. Da Korner2 empanadas (5,800). The street food of South America has finally made it to Itaewon. The fried pastry shells are stuffed with beef and potato, beef and tomato, shrimp, or jam and come with a side of chimichuri dipping sauce. eat in or get them to go they taste just as delicious whichever way you have them.

6. Sushi Itaewon2 x 8 piece Tempura Shrimp Rolls (7,000). Sushi Itaewon has some of the cheapest sushi in the city and a staggering selection. Their 8 piece rolls all run under 4,000 each so whether you want shrimp, salmon or tuna your budget will allow it.


7. Jil’Hal BrosChicken and rice (6,500). My favourite New York street food is now available in the ever so expensive Gangnam neighbourhood of Cheongdam. This platter comes with a healthy helping of both chicken and spicy rice and is smothered in the delicious white and spicy sauces and comes with a side of salad. You can get the lamb version for 7,000 too if that’s what floats your boat.



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