A well baked pie is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  Nothing can rival a shell of pastry which is flaky, golden and crisp while inside are chunks of tender meat and glorious gravy so rich you will savour every drop. Served on its own or with veg and mash, a good pie is very hard to beat. However a good pie is also hard to make, pastry that’s well cooked and not soggy on the bottom can be quite a challenge and rather time consuming. And with ready made pastry being very hard to find in Korea I’ve been left yearning for my favourite meaty treat for the past 7 years.


I first spotted The Little Pie when I was returning from lunch at Little Neck. Since I’d just eaten I suppressed my greed and vowed to return and give them a go at my earliest convenience, especially since they were making the little pies at the time.


Return I did, and ordered up one of each flavour, a Meat Pie and a Chicken Pie, both 4,500, and took a seat in the small cafe type shop. The place is filled with plants and perspex furniture which they may or not be selling. There’s also a little outside area in the back for those who want to enjoy their pie in the sun.


My pies arrived quickly and at first glance I was very impressed, I was also pleased to see how large they were. The first one I tried was the chicken, and as I tore it open to get a shot of the inside, delicious chickeny steam rose up and filled the air. Upon first bite the pastry was perfect, very crisp on the outside where the join is then lots of golden layers that get a little softer as they get closer and closer to the filling. Peeling off the layers of pastry has always been an unadulterated pleasure for me! The filling was a creamy mix of chicken, onion, and mushroom, well seasoned with a flavourful sauce that tasted just like home, for me it was heavenly.


Pie number two was the Meat or beef pie. This one was a mix of beef and onions in a rich brown gravy. Again the pastry was divine and it had a slightly different crimp on it than the chicken allowing for them to tell the difference when they come out of the oven. The filing in this one was also pretty special too, the beef was lovely and tender as were the onions. The traditional beef stock gravy was just a touch on the peppery side for me, but TFB preferred it over the creamy chicken. All in all two very good pies, and at such a phenomenal price, this place is going to be seeing me regularly for sure.


Little Pie is located at 1F, 5 Noksapyeong Daero 46 gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Noksapyeong station and come out exit 2. Walk straight and then go through the underpass under the road. Take the right hand exit. Take a left at the corner at Chans Bros Coffee, and walk along Churros Street. Little Pie is on your left hand side a little bit along the street. You can call them at 02-794-4426.



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  1. Hey guys, just a head’s up – the phone number is actually 02-794-4426

    I called the number listed on this site and a lovely older Korean lady gave the correct number ^^

    Looking forward to some pie now!! Thanks FG 😀

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