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Today a super hip new app called Urban Street launches. Urban Street is a new app designed by Wired Lab aimed to help people find boutique restaurants or stores in different neighbourhoods in Seoul. Essentially the app is a bit of a mix between Four Square, Pinterest, and Instagram, but what sets the app apart from the countless others are the exquisite professional pictures. By using Urban street you can find all kinds of bespoke goods in different areas of Seoul. So whether you are looking for food or fashion you can find it all wherever you are in the city.


The app itself is pretty easy to use, as you can sign in with Facebook. Then you just swipe through the available areas to find the boutique restaurant or store you are looking for. Currently on the app are Apgujeong/Cheongdam, Garosu-gil, Express Bus Terminal, Sinchon & Ewha University, Hongik University, Itaewon & Kyeongnidan-Gil, Samcheongdong, Gangnam-daero, Teheran-ro, Jamsil & Sincheon, and Common Ground.


After you have selected your area you then have several tabs to swipe through, depending on what you’re after. The default tab is ISSUE, which appears to be various articles. So far they only appear to be in Korean, so I haven’t really looked into those. The other options are Trend (트랜드), Fashion (패션), Food (푸드), Cafe (카페), Brunch (브런치), Dessert (디저트), Pub/Bar (펍.바), and STORE. Obviously the tabs I have been using the most are the food and drink ones. I am especially enamored by the brunch tab, as I’m always on the look out for a new place to eat brunch so this is the perfect way for me to find new places. You can scroll through the different food items and when you click on one it tells you the name of the dish, a brief description and the price, which I found especially useful.


If you click on the drool worthy picture you can access more pictures from the restaurants and the address of the establishment. If you’re just browsing you can “clip” the page and add it to your “My Urban” section of your profile to come back to at a later date. It’s a nice way to keep and save for later a list of places to check out. You can also write a review, share the place to Facebook, on Kakao or various other social media channels, or contact the restaurant directly.

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As this is just a new app, the selection of restaurants available is a little limited in certain areas, but it covers the more popular areas of Seoul quite well. I’m sure given time there will be more content added, but in the mean time there is more than enough for you to contend with. The app is free and certainly well worth a download, even if it is just to look at food porn!

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Urban Street is available from today, September 16th, on both apple and android devices. Please click on the links below to find out more or to download your app.

For Itunes : Itunes
For Android: Play Store





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    • 패션 is what it says in the app so I’ll stick with that. If you do a quick search you will see that 패션 is the preferred spelling in Korean.

  1. The app looks awesome. Unfortunately, the “item isn’t available in your country,” is what I get trying to use the Android tablet I brought over from the US that I like to use to browse stuff at home. Hopefully, they change it up so that it is easier for foreigners to be able to get the app. For now, it seems useful to put onto my Korean android phone.

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