Of all the food I write about, I’d say that a good 80% of it is pretty unhealthy. While it may seem that I live a wildly unhealthy lifestyle filled with cheesecakes and pizza, it’s not the whole picture. Despite the name of my blog I do tend to eat quite healthily two thirds of the time, and this is what has allowed me to maintain a 100lb weightloss. I love my fruit and vegetables and enjoy a green smoothie or juice most mornings and follow it up with a healthy salad for lunch. I snack on plenty of fresh fruit and nuts throughout the day, however when a burger is offered my way I eat it, I never deprive myself of something I want for dinner and somehow that works for me.


Personally I don’t find eating healthily particularly hard. I’ve lived here a long time and I know where to shop, we always have a fridge filled with fresh fruit and vegetables and a kitchen full of gadgets to make quick and easy meals. However I know that everyone is not in the same boat as me and eating healthy can seem pricey when you don’t know where to find cheap and seasonal produce. Those with dietary restrictions like dairy and gluten free have even more troubles, though online stores like i-Herb are a great place to find those foods. For those of you who just don’t want to cook or source your own food then Sprout is the perfect food service for you. Sprout is a healthy and homemade food pick up service located in Gyeongridan. The week’s menu is posted on their facebook page early in the week, then you go to Sprout to collect your food on Sundays.


The menu changes from week to week and there are always about 15-20 different items priced between 4,000-8,000. The most surprising of the Sprout dishes are the lentils. Lentils are generally considered as one of those foods that will elicit a groan from anyone forced to eat them, but what Sprout does with them is incredible. From the Shepherd’s Pie (8000), to the Hickory Stew (7,000),both dishes will amaze you with their taste and texture, even my meat loving boyfriend adored them just as much as me.


As well as the lentils there are always a nice variety of fresh salads. New to the menu is the Pad Thai (7,000 or 2 for 12,000) – basically raw vegetables. It’s supposed to trick the mind into cutting out those carby noodles, certainly pleasant and the peanut sauce that accompanied was scrumptious. TFB was not quite convinced about this one though. However the Broccoli Slaw with cashew ceasar dressing (7,000) was delightful. It had the most creamy of dressings, no idea how they manage to make them without dairy, but it just goes to show that you can have dressing without the additives. I really enjoyed having this for my school lunch and didn’t miss the meat one bit.


For those looking for dishes more hearty than salads, there are lots of healthy grain based dishes made from, millet, quinoa, and beans. Our favorite dish was probably the Thai Coconut Quinoa with vegetables(7,000), served with the Red Lentil Curry (7,000) it was very hearty and the perfect easy dinner to come home to. No cooking and no washing up is something we can definitely get on board with.


For a morning treat I tried the millet breakfast bowl (5,000). It was very filling and a nice change from my usual green smoothie. Slightly sweet and sticky it was packed with millet, coconut, nuts and seeds. I added a grated apple and some dried apricots, and then made myself a coconut milk and pineapple smoothie on the side, healthy and tropical.


Lastly, one of my favourite Sprout foods are their decadent and delicious desserts. It always amazes me every time I have one that they are made from 100% natural and healthy ingredients. The caramel cheesecake(5,000) was devoured in seconds, crumbly biscuity base, creamy cheesy middle and sweet caramel, The peanut butter bar(5,500) came a close second. Chocolate base, creamy peanut butter, and topped with a swirl of chocolate. I’m not sure how they do it but they taste just as good as a real cheesecake and they are completely dairy free.


To see this week’s menu or to find out more about please visit the Sprout facebook page. As well as their meal pick up service Sprout also offers nutritional advice as partner Jaime is a fully qualified nutritionist so if you have any concerns about your health and diet she’s your gal. For those of you who want to get super healthy, they are running a 2 week detox program from October 3rd – October 17th, for more details see here.



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    • It’s not an actual store, so you should join the Sprout facebook group and they will message you the address personally if you ask for it.

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