I’e been a fan of Lobster Bar pretty much since they opened. They have been operating for just over a year or so now, and in that time I’ve managed to try all of the sandwiches and their whole lobster. In the past few months they have been making some changes and adding new items to the menu, and they were super keen to get my opinion on them. It’s not often that I get the chance to take my man out for lobster, so I of course accepted their very kind invitation.


Since my last visit there have been lots of new drinks added to the menu. The new cocktail list was designed by my favourite bar tender Ray Swayy Oh of Brick Yard. I of course had to see if it would pass muster so went for a glass of the Sangria (8,000), while TFB tried the Lemon Honey Bourbon Slushy (8,000). The sangria was was adorned with a cinnamon stick which really gave it a nice hint of spice, and the sangria itself was lovely and fruity without being too sweet. The Bourbon Slushy looked very grand and was made using their new slushy machines. The bourbon, honey, and lemon worked really well together and despite the bourbon having quite a kick, it was still lovely and smooth. The cocktail menu is actually a full page now, so there are a tonne of options for booze lovers. I also really appreciate that all the alcohol used in Lobster Bar’s cocktails is brand name, no cheap hangovers here.


As a starter we thought we would give the Lobster Mac & Cheese (10,000) a go. It was very rich and cheesy and I adored the smokiness from the bacon and the crispy texture of the onions on top. I’m not usually a huge fan of Mac & Cheese but this one had a nice punch of flavour without being too salty. When we came across the chunks of lobster we enjoyed them but I thought it would stand as a good dish without them.


For the main event we had to try the Surf and Turf (53,000). A Prime US strip steak, and a lobster tail. Currently the bar is using crayfish instead of lobster tails as they are having supply issues, which I personally had no problem with. The plump sweet meat of the crayfish was delightful when drenched in the butter, I only wish there had been more of it as we were sharing it between the two of us.


As you can see the steak was cooked to a nice medium rare. It was a good and hearty size and a generous cut unlike some of the slivers of meat that pass for steak in this city. It was well cooked and seasoned and more akin to a steak you’d find back home at any moderate priced restaurant. We both adored the chimichurri on the side, and I practically licked the bowl clean! It had a nice zesty mix of cilantro, garlic, and citrus. I also appreciated the whole grain mustard. It gave a nice sharp flavour without overwhelming the meat. The twister fries were worth a mention too, they were really tasty, fluffy in the middle and nice and crisp on the outside far superior to the straight and skinny ones. While this meal wouldn’t be considered cheap at just over 50,000, it is when you factor in the cost of steak and lobster. Compared to what you’d pay at chain restaurants like Outback it’s actually a bargain.


As well as the surf and turf I was also desperate to try the Soft Shell Crab Burger (16,000). A whole deep fried soft shell crab in a wholegrain burger bun, topped with lettuce, tomato, and their amazing homemade aioli. OMG was this good, the crab was lovely and crispy, the epitome of deep fried crunchy goodness. The burger was smothered in the mustard aioli which had just the perfect hint of sweetness to it. This one is possibly my new favourite, dare I say it even better than the lobster sandwiches. Probably not, the lobster sandwiches are fantastic, but I sure as hell will be getting one these babies on the side. The burger came with standard skinny fries and coleslaw on the side, which were as to be expected. It would be great if they could offer an upgrade to the twister fries as they were awesome.


Dessert came in the form of another cocktail. A frivolous addition to the menu LB Blue Hawaiian (15,000). I felt rather retro drinking my blue drink with an alco pop in the top of it. The drink was a fun and fruity mix of pineapple and passion fruit plus the blueberry from the Cruiser. Despite the lurid colour it was actually pretty tasty, and even TFB was drinking it with me, and come the end we both had blue tongues and were rather tipsy, despite the copious amounts of food we had just eaten.


Overall it’s great to see that Lobster Bar is keeping it fresh and adding more dishes to the menu. The sandwiches have gone up a little since my last visit but with a precarious ingredient like lobster, it’s understandable. Since Lobster bar first opened dozens of copy cats have surfaced, but do yourself a favour and stick with the original, these boys know what they are doing.


Lobster Bar is located at 56-13 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Itaewon Station (line 6) come out of exit 4 and walk straight, keep going until you reach Mcdonalds.Lobster Bar is on the 3rd floor just above Starbucks. For more information you can call them on 070-8225-3963 or check out facebook page.




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  1. Tried the Lobster Bar based upon your glowing recommendation and was wholly disappointed. Two items on the menu were unavailable (with a sticker). Ordered the pasta, BLT and soup. First off the BLT was unavailable. The pasta was undercooked, plain and underseasoned. The soup was likewise the same. Also ordered a Gin Tonic but was told we don’t have any tonic. For real? I wanted to leave at that point but my family members convinced me to stay. Suddenly the BLT became available. It was terrible. Almost unedible. Could not find any tomato, bacon was there, lobster too, lettuce was yellow and soft, mayo sauce made the whole thing mushy to the point of being slop. Ended up opening up the sandwich and eating the bacon and lobster only. The fried shrimp was not bad. On the whole the menu was uninspired and poorly executed judging from the dishes we chose. I could not recommend this restaurant in good conscience to my worst enemy.

    • How very disappointing, did you complain at the time? I’ve never tried the pasta before but always enjoyed the Sandwiches and soup. The cocktails are always great too. I’m sure the management would be very upset to hear of your experience, perhaps try contacting them via their facebook group, as something clearly went wrong on your visit.

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