Donut Guys has since closed. I have yet to find another doughnut shop in Seoul like it. 


Last night I had an hour to kill in Hongdae and was pondering where to go and get a coffee, when I recalled that there was a new donut shop in the area, never one to miss out on a deep fried dessert I trundled off to give it a try.


After negotiating my way around the myriad of alleyways I found the store just as my dining companion was arriving, it was a feat of perfect timing on both our parts. The shop is a pretty small bu it has a few tables inside and out. The menu has plenty of options and there is a nice mix of savoury and sweet donuts along with coffee and shakes.


I was in a savoury mood so decided to try the Heaven’s Door (4,900). A homemade donut topped with cream cheese, chicken tenders, bacon, jalapeno, maple syrup, and parmesan. I loved this donut, it was the perfect balance between sweet, spicy and salty and despite the random assortment of ingredients it really worked, it was like a cross between the Bacon Doughnut and the Jalapeno Bacon Cake that I made. If we didnt have dinner plans i would have eaten two.


My gal pal needed sweetening up so she went for the Tiramisu (3,900). Another home made donut topped with cream cheese, coffee, cocoa powder and cookie crumbs. I didn’t love this one as much as the chicken but it was still pretty tasty. It had a nice blend of coffee and cream cheese, and the cookie crumbs on the top added a nice crunch.


To wash our donuts down we decided to split a Nutella Shake (4,500). Sweet and creamy with a nice strong taste of Nutella, this was tickety boo, and not bad for the price.


I have to say this one is a winner for me, the menu had a great selection of fun flavours and the prices are very reasonable when compared with other desserts, they all run between 4,000 -5,000. We only tried the two this time but I have my eye on a few more including a caramelised banana one which I shall definitely be trying upon my next visit to Hongdae, they had cheap coffee too which I always consider a bonus.


Donut Guys is located at 340-6 Seogyo dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Hongdae Station (line 2) and come out of exit 8. Take the first right and walk straight until the road forks, then take the right hand fork and walk straight until the end of the road and take the next right again. Walk to the end of that road and turn left, walk straight for two blocks and then turn right you will see Donut Guys just up ahead. for more information you can call them on 02-6369-3406.



6 comments on “Donut Guys”

    • Hi Dan unfortunately they have changed to become a taco place instead, clearly Donuts weren’t selling. How were the tacos?

      • I already ate by then, so it was going to be dessert. Plus, I went to vatos last weekend so I can’t come to Korea and keep eating tacos…or can I? 🙂

        • There are a lot of Taco places in Korea, I feel it’s only right that you sample them to discern the nuances between them.

          • Also tried to find this and found out it’s now a taco shop. BUT across the street is a cute cafe with amazing powdered ice desserts. The pumpkin one was amazing!

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