This weekend is a fall festival extravaganza. All weekend the International food festival will be happening all along the main street in Itaewon and HBC will host it’s bi-annual music fest.


In Itaewon this Saturday and Sunday, restaurants from around the world will be serving up their signature dishes. The main street will be closed off and there should be plenty to see! This festival usually gets crazy busy, so get ready to push your way through to get those ethnic delights you’ve been craving. Not every stand is that original with what they serving,  do expect to find a lot of stands serving up tacos, kebabs, and hotdogs. However my favorite Brit Bar Bulldogs will be serving up their fantastic scotch eggs, and Harry Potter’s favourite, Butter Beer! To get there just take a train to Itaewon station (line 6) and come out of exit 1 or 4, you can’t miss it.


Down in the Chon there will be more of a party vibe going on. From Friday night (today) til Sunday Night every pub, bar, and restaurant in Haebangchon will be rocking out with their cock out and hosting some truly amazing bands. There will be reveling and merriment galore as the street turns in to a hipsters dream. Expect to see plenty of street food and drinks for you to keep up your stamina as you go from one bar to the next.  For a full set list please check the HBC Fest Facebook Page.


To make that music sound even sweeter, I’ll be mixing up the cocktails for my favourite sandwich shop Casablanca on Saturday night. This year I’ve decided to break with tradition and go with some festive fall favourites – Toffee Apple Sangria, just as good as those super sweet treats but they get you drunk, Rumkin Pie – a boozy version of a pumpkin latte although made with a Horchata rice milk base so suitable for all my vegan friends, and lastly a Cranberry Ginger Mule, a wicked mix of vodka, cranberry juice and ginger beer. If you can’t get into the holiday spirit you might as well drink some.


To get to the HBC Fest take a train Noksapyeong station(line 6) and come out exit 2. Walk straight and bear left at the kimchi pots. Keep walking up the road and you will see all the bars ahead of you. Casablanca is located at 44-8  Yongsandong 2 -ga, Seoul, a few doors up from Phillies.





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