In the expat community pizza is taken incredibly seriously, and the arrival of a non Korean style pizza parlour always gains much intrigue and debate. So when Paulies opened its doors a few weeks ago, the foodie community were there in an instant to check it out and give their critique. After hearing many wonderful things myself I had to go and have a slice or two and give it a try myself.


Paulies is located on second floor of the D Tower building in Gwanghwamun. For years this place was seriously lacking in good places to eat, despite the amount of money and office workers in the area. Then boom along comes Over the Dish and now the new D tower, which is also home to the brand spanking new luxury food court Power Plant, which I will be reviewing later this week.


But back to Paulies’ pizza. After glancing over the menu the four of us of decided to share a large pizza and a basket. We were having trouble deciding upon which pizza to order when our server told us we could do a half and half at no extra charge, which certainly settled the debate.


In the end we decided upon a half Margarita half BBQ Chicken pizza (34,000). The first thing that has to be mentioned about this pizza is the delicious golden crust. It’s crispy and baked to perfection. It’s not quite as good as the super thin ones I had in New York, but it’s pretty close. Of the two toppings I definitely preferred the BBQ Chicken, it was topped with a smokey BBQ sauces, chunks of chicken, bacon and pineapple and lashings of cheese.  While the margarita was enjoyable, I would have preferred if it has been topped with some fresh mozzarella too, it just didn’t quite have the right ratio of cheese to sauce, but that’s just me just being insatiably picky. I’d certainly like to give a couple of the other pizzas a go, the White Pizza in particular sounded good. Overall I’d say the pizzas and flavours were very close to what you’d get at Brick Oven in Gangnam.


As a side we shared the garlic fries (5,500). The fries were nicely seasoned with garlic and came with a ranch dip and were very fairly priced. I’ve seen baskets of these same fries costing up to 9 dollars at some restaurants just because they had a bit of cheese or whatever on top of them. They also had wings on the menu which we didn’t try this time.


Drinks wise they have a menu filled with craft beer, one of my dining companions supped on an Oatmeal Stout (9,000) which  she must have enjoyed as she had two. As there was only beer on the menu I didn’t partake in alcoholic beverages for once in my life, but if they could get a couple of cocktails on the menu then I’d be happy.


One of the nicest things about the restaurant is the service. Jin really went out of his way to make sure we were happy and to get us anything we needed. He kindly gave us an extra ranch dip for the pizza and was great at refilling our water. Good service is sadly quite rare in this city, so I really appreciate it when I get it.


Paulies is located at 2F, 5, D Tower, 17 Jong-ro 3gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Gwanghwamun station and come out of exit 3. Turn right out of the exit and you should see D Tower just up ahead. Enter using the doors on the right hand side of the building then take the escalator up to the second floor then turn left, you will see Paulies ahead of you. For more information you can call them on 02-2251-8200 or check out their facebook page.



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