When word gets around about a luxurious all you can eat Brazilian meat feast, it doesn’t me take long to drag my fat arse over there to give it a try. Nothing gets my juices flowing like the words “all you can eat meat.” A few years ago I was lucky enough to spend some time traveling in Brazil and feasting in the numerous rodizio restaurants was one of the highlights, so I was very interested to see how this one would compare.


The first thing I noticed about the huge restaurant was how fancy it was. The restaurant is super pimped out and no expense has been spared. On the far wall there’s a flickering LED light screen imitating BBQ flames, while it looked pretty it cool, it didn’t really do my photos much good. In the middle of the room is a gigantic salad buffet, while walking around are dozens of waiters offering to slip some of their swords of meat into willing patrons’ mouths.


The buffet is a set 59,000 per person for dinner, and 38,000 for lunch. They may offer a discount for children but I didn’t think to ask. After the waiter has been over you are then brought over a dish of dipping sauces (salsa, chimichurri, sweet soy, and mint jelly) Brazilian cheese bread rolls and caramelized cinnamon covered bananas. Just as a side note these bananas were orgasmic. So not the point of the restaurant, but they were very memorable.


Once we were seated, the waiters started bringing the meat, and there was certainly a lot of it and I don’t think they even brought us around every single kind. In a nut shell there was a hell of a lot of beef, some lamb, chicken, pork and sausages, cooked in different ways with different marinades. You also get a little disc which you can flip over indicating if you want more meat(green) or if you’ve had enough(red). Not surprisingly mine stayed on green the whole time.


The standout for me was the filet mignon wrapped in bacon, my god was that meat tender, it melted on the tongue and filled my mouth with its glorious juices. Most of the steaks were pretty good, well cooked, well seasoned and nice and juicy, but the filet mignon was the creme de la creme. We also loved that the servers asked us how rare we wanted it, and were thrilled to find that rare was indeed an option.


My second favourite had to be the lamb chops. Not huge in size but housing the juiciest little nugget of lamb ever, and a nice rim of well cooked fat. I sadly only managed 5 of these, I honestly wish I has eaten more but they got served quite late into the meal, in fact we had to request them. TFB preferred the leg of lamb to the chops, but I personally thought it couldn’t quite compete, but two types of lamb is always aces in my book.


The buffet itself  had a nice mix of of fresh salads, sliced meats, seafood, and accompaniments. It focused mainly on cold dishes, but there were a few hot sides like potato dauphinoise and Brazilian staple frijoles. The only nod to Korean food was the kimchi fried rice


By the time the dessert tray came around we were all absolutely stuffed, but greed prevailed and we decided to share a creme brulee and a slice of chocolate cake. I forget what the other options were, a cheese cake and a few fruit cake kind of things, about 6 options in total. I thought that the dessert was included in the buffet which is why I forced one down, but the website says differently. Since a friend kindly paid for dinner, I didn’t see the receipt so you may wish to double check before ordering.

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Overall we enjoyed a fantastic meal, and adored every bite, especially the lamb and steak. Its unbeatable compared to other buffets and you are really getting a much higher quality of meat for the extra money.It’s the perfect place for when you are wanting to treat yourself without breaking the bank.


Texas De Brazil is located at 118-3 Banpo-Dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to the Express Bus Terminal Station (line 3, 7 & 9). The restaurant is located in Central City and follow the signs for the Marriott Hotel (or ask if you can’t see them). Once you are in the Marriott exit using the main door and turn left, you will see a large convenience store in front of you, keep walking past it and you will see Texas de Brazil just up ahead. For more information you can call them on 02-6282-5000 or check out their website.



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