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Now that Halloween is behind us, it’s time for us to focus upon the more important fall/winter holidays. The times of year when it’s important to spend time with your loved ones and stuff your face until your clothes are bulging at the seams. Back home Thanksgiving and Christmas mean turkey, however in Korea turkey meat just isn’t all that popular and coupled with this years shortage a good turkey will be very hard to find indeed.

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However don’t despair you can still get your hands on that turkey dinner you’ve been dreaming of since last year, and what’s more High Street Market will do all the hard work and even cook it for you and deliver it right to your door. Seems to good to be true? Well it isn’t, in fact this isn’t just a holiday special, their meats joints are available all year round, so forget the fact you don’t have an oven and join in the roast meat fun.

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A fully cooked meal will be delivered to your home, all you have to do is warm it up. The turkey dinner includes a juicy 12-14 pound turkey, 2kg of mashed potato, 8 cups of brown gravy, 1kg of green bean almondine, turkey stuffing, cranberry jelly and a pumpkin pie. The dinners serve between 10-12 people so it should work about between 22,000 – 27,000 per person. plus there is an extra warming and delivery service if you require it. But considering most of the restaurant meals are between 30,000 – 60,000 this is actually pretty cheap, leaving you with extra money for booze (yay)! Plus the best part is the fact that you can choose exactly when to have it, and after all that feasting you’ll only have to struggle to get yourself to the safety of your own sofa before the meat sweats kick in.


If turkey isn’t your thing or you fancy having two meats to choose from they also have a whole host of other roast meat dinners to choose from. How about a  2kg roast pork (104,900), 1.5kg boneless prime rib (152,900), 3.5kg leg of lamb (163,900) or a 2.9kg honey baked ham (174,900). All the non turkey dinners come with 1.5kg of mashed potato, 8 cups of brown gravy and a 24 inch pumpkin pie too, and serve between 6-12 people depending on the size of the meat.

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For those of you who do love to cook and don’t want to miss out on making your famous gravy, stuffing, roast potatoes, or cauliflower cheese then you can just just order the meat from HSM already cooked and make the rest of your meal yourself. 2kg of roast pork costs (38,500), 3.5 kg leg of lamb (97,500), 1.5kg boneless prime rib (86,900), 2.9kg honey baked ham (108,000) and a 5kg turkey at (97,000) it’s the perfect way of taking some of the stress and mess out of your meal.

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All the dinners are available to be delivered all over Korea for free if you spend more than 120,000 or a 3,000 charge for the mainland, and 6,000 for Jeju if you spend less. You can also pick up your food if you live locally. Please note you need to order your meats at least 8 days in advance so be sure to get cracking to ensure you are guaranteed a Thanksgiving turkey as demand is set to be very high. For more information, or to order yourself a delicious roast dinner, please visit the High Street market website.




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