Mozzie is brand spanking new New Zealand bar attached to the new I.T.W. hotel . Located up on hooker hill just opposite Old Town, it’s a sign of more of the regeneration that even the most depraved parts of Itaewon are set to see. The large sleek and elegant restaurant fills the space well with its insatiably long bar which is divided between coffee, spirits, wine and beer. The restaurant also boasts a large patio which is set to have a large communal  table and chairs for those who want to dine alfresco.


For opening weekend all the draft beers were on a  1+1 special so TFB got himself a couple of Pilsner Urquells (8,800) which he enjoyed immensely. Not being a beer lover myself I was more interested in the liquor. As the place only just opened there isn’t a cocktail list yet, but they have a full bar and after expressing an interest in anything made with fruit and vodka, owner Simon brought me back a long blackcurrant soda and vodka drink (10,000) which tasted just like my Naughty Ribena cocktail.


The menu is made up of a mix of classic home style meat and two veg dishes like shepherd’s pie, rack of lamb, steak and sausages. In other words, proper comfort food that is just perfect for this time of year. After a gazing over the options we decided to try the Great Barrier Reef Fish & Chips (11,500). At just over 11 dollars this is a very cheap fish and chips and I was very interested to see how it fared. There were two generous sized pieces of fish coated in a nice light beer batter and a banging little tar tar sauce on the side for dipping. I had hopes that the chips would be home made but I guess that old Korean potato problem rears its ugly head once again. I asked about the possibility of mushy peas but was told this is a Kiwi bar and not English so they wouldn’t be serving them, but they do have peas on the menu so perhaps you could still get a side order.


As well as the fish and chips we tried the Captain Cooker Chops (16,500). I adore pork chops, especially my Grandmother’s so was so thrilled to see them on the menu. I’ve always been saddened that despite Korea’s love of pork this isn’t a cut of meat that’s widely sold. When the dinner arrived we were served up two huge pork chops, a mound of mashed potatoes, a generous serving of peas and a puddle of gravy. This was a huge dinner and you’d be hard pushed not to be filled up by this. The pork chops themselves while humongous were on the tough side, they were quite lean on the fat so that may have dried them out. We relayed our comments to the owner and were told they are still working on some of the recipes and he would talk to his chef. Other that it was a good hearty meal. This is proper comfort food that you’d have at home on a week night for dinner. Nothing fancy, just meat, potatoes, and veg. I also appreciated the generosity with the gravy, I like a lot and they weren’t shy in it giving it to me.


Overall I like what Mozzie is doing and I’d like to try a few more of the dishes on the menu. On the whole the food is very cheap, the most expensive dish on the menu is 31,000 but most of the dishes fall way below the 20,000 mark. Although it’s not a British bar, it’s serving lots of the home cooked food that I grew up eating so for that alone it’s a winner for me.


Mozzie is located at 126-7 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul. To get there take the subway to Itaewon station(line 6), and come out of exit 3. Walk straight until the next intersection and take a right. Cross the road and take the first left (by Mr Kebab). Mozzie is up on your left maybe 50m up that road, opposite the infamous Old Town. For more information you can call them on +82 10-9417-9554 or check out their facebook page. Mozzie is open every day from 5pm-12am.



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  1. Bewdy, mate, but what self-respecting Kiwi bar would have a menu item called Great Barrier Reef Fish & Chips! The Great Barrier Reef is in Australia, for god’s sake! They’d better change that quick-smart!

  2. Hi…are you sure this resturant is a New Zealand place ? Or are you confusing it with Australia…please investigate. …it’s a little insulting to kiwis …as NZ is a separate nation with its own great food.

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