Today I get to share the best news ever, the one and only Terry’s Chocolate Orange has finally made its way to Korea!!! Just in time for Christmas, the Chocolate Orange is now on sale at Homeplus. Last night at my local Hapjeong Homeplus I managed to pick myself up 5 for 4,500 won each, and yes I did leave a few for everyone else. I have also heard it on good authority that they can be found in GS Mart stores too, though after checking every store I pass, I still haven’t managed to find one yet.


A Chocolate Orange is one of my favourite treats at any time of year, but at Christmas they are an absolute necessity. Without fail my Mum will include one in my stocking every year and it’s just not Christmas without one. After living in Korea for 7 years I’m always prepared and usually have at least one Chocolate Orange in my fridge at any point of the year but now you can actually buy them here I’m ecstatic. That just means more room in my chocolate suitcase for Malteasers, which, fingers crossed, will be coming here next year too!


For those of you who have not had the pleasure of eating a Chocolate Orange they are by far the best and most delicious chocolate ever. It’s basically an orange shaped giant ball of orange flavoured chocolate, which when you bash it against something heavy it divides itself into little orange segments. It’s both adorable and delicious.


So the big question is, how does it taste? We have all got our hopes up in the past after seeing Cadbury’s chocolate in stores only to take a bite and find out it’s the vile Australian made crap. No offence Australia, I love you and your country but your Cadbury’s sucks balls. After taking a look at the packaging we found that the Korean Chocolate Oranges are made in Poland, and the second I got home I cracked one open to see how it tasted. And the good news is, they are absolutely perfect! I had three British ones in my fridge, so I opened a second one and did a taste comparison and couldn’t find any difference, hurray!


So go forth to your nearest Homeplus or GS Mart and fill your stockings with Christmas joy. And remember it’s not Terry’s, its mine!



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  1. Did you find them in the sweet world aisle? I’m here now and everyone I ask has no idea what I’m talking about even after I show them the picture of the box :/

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