It’s not very often I get to go to super fancy meals at hotels, but my beloved’s birthday was just the occasion I needed to justify a pricey meal. So I scrubbed myself up and took my man out for a slap up meal. After scouring the net for hours  I’m pretty sure I checked out every hotel in the city to see if they offered an all you can drink champagne brunch like the ones we have enjoyed so many times in Hong Kong and Singapore, but there were none to be found. Then just when I had given up The Park Hyatt messaged me back and said they would be willing to give us free flow Laurent Perrier Champagne for an extra 30,000 per person, on top of their 100,000 brunch at the Cornerstone, which I considered totally worth it, Though as mentioned this was at our request, you will need to email the hotel directly to see if the offer is still available.


Once seated we were given a menu to choose from and a glass of champagne, which was the first of many. The standard menu includes a glass of champagne or cocktail, appetizer buffet, hot individual appetizers which are brought to your table, your choice of main course which included fish, steak, lobster, lamb, pork belly, a dessert buffet and tea and coffee. Not a bad way to spend 100,000 at all.

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Once we had chosen our main course it was off to the buffet. TFB headed straight to the seafood bar. There wasn’t really a whole lot for me there but if you like oysters, expensive cuts of raw fish, and sushi made on the spot then I’m sure you’ll be in heaven.


I was more interested in finding out what was happening at the salad bar. One of the chefs was making individual Caesar salads for anyone who wanted one which I thought a great idea. They also had a whole host of fresh salad ingredients so you could build your own and lots of lovely antipasti style veggies to add in. On the opposite side of the island there were a variety of hot and cold appetizers, and pastries and cereal for those who are still thinking about breakfast.


Once seated with our platters filled with treats from the buffet the individual appetizers started to arrive. My favourite of the day was probably the poached egg on hash brown, but we also tried a creamy pumpkin soup,  foie gras with plum jam and celeriac puree, and a ricotta and eggplant penne. I liked the idea of getting extra dishes brought to us for our consumption, they added a touch of class that a buffet just can’t give.


After we had enjoyed our starters our server asked if we were ready for the main course, TFB got the rack of lamb so for variety’s sake I got the lobster, which was lovely. My lobster was topped with a thick and rich hollandaise sauce, and served with potato puree and seasonal vegetables. I was very happy with my half lobster, a full one would have been way too much with all the other courses, and it always makes me feel special every time I eat it. I was graciously offered a piece of the lamb and found it absolutely divine. It was cooked to a perfectly medium rare as requested and served with the most glorious mint jelly I’ve ever had. It was one hell of a dish.


After the main course we took a little break, before going to raid the cheese bar. They had about 5-6 different cheeses on offer (don’t ask me what they were) with a variety of crackers and olives etc. I was in love with the fresh honey comb they had which paired so perfectly with the light and sweet cheese selection. I actually enjoyed the cheese and honey combo so much I went back for seconds!


After the cheese buffet you think I’d be full but no, I’m a power house, especially when drunk on unlimited champagne. After perusing the dessert cart I just asked for one of each, and we also got a couple of scoops of their homemade ice-cream too.


The dessert platter was the perfect amount to share and we got to try a little bit of everything. Again none of the dessert names were listed but we were both quite taken with the crunch chocolate moose in the middle and the tiramisu. We also got a round of coffees to accompany our dessert which was a lovely way to end to the meal, along with a couple of pieces of their hand made chocolate bark.


Overall we had a fantastic brunch and we left stuffed to the gills and delightfully giddy on too much champagne. The buffet we had will only be available until the end of the year as the restaurant is going to be renovated in January. But once the new restaurant opens the manager told me they are definitely planning to include a free flow champagne option on the new menu, so I’ll be sure to keep you posted.


The Park Hyatt is located at 606, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-552, South Korea. To get there take a train to Samseong Station (line 2) and come out exit 1. You should see the enterance on your right. The concierge will then pop you in the elevator and direct you to the restaurant. For more information you can call them on 02-2016-1220-1 or check out their website.



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