It’s been a good year all round for pastry lovers. First I found Da Korner and their fabulous empanadas, then The Little Pie and Pie Face with their glorious meat pies, and now Boni Bola! A few days ago I was heading to Homeplus in Hapjeong to stock up on a few Christmas essentials, when I stumbled across this tiny little store selling empanadas. The thought of an empanada always gets my juices flowing so I was powerless to resist, especially after taking a closer look at the menu and discovering they were only 2,000 won each.


I quickly went in and found there were three different varieties available. Beef, Chicken, and Sweet Potato. I tried to get a beef and a chicken but unfortunately they were out of the chicken so I had to stick with the beef. As previously mentioned the pastries are 2,000 won each and after a couple of minutes my beef pies were ready. My first surprise was how big they were, at least as big as my phone. They were deep fried to within an inch of their life and had a thin layer of crispy flakey pastry as an outer shell. In the middle they were stuffed with a peppered beef and onion in gravy and a blob of mozzarella. The filling was very tasty, not in the slightest bit sweet and very comforting, I especially liked the addition of the cheese. This is the kind of treat you could pick up anywhere at home, and I’m so glad that deep fried goodies like these are making their way into the mainstream.


If you are looking for an true authentic empanada like the ones in South America then your best bet is Da Korner, whose offerings are reasonably close. They aren’t perfect but empanadas I found were different in every country we visited so there really isn’t really any one true representation. If you are looking for a quick and cheap pastry fix then Boni Bola is your best bet, they also have cheap drinks and arancini which i will certainly be trying upon my next visit. From what I could see Boni Bola was a chain so keep an eye out in your local area. I’ll be stopping there every time I go shopping in the Megapolis mall from now on.


Boni Bola is located in the Megapolis Mall in Hapjeong Station. To get there take a train to Hapjeong station (line 2&6) and come out of exit 10. Take the left hand fork after you enter the shopping mall, walk past Starbucks and Shinhan bank, Boni Bola is on the left just before the bathroom. For more information you can call them on 02-1670-9688.




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