It’s the first day of 2016 and I’m lucky enough to be beginning my year in one of the world’s most beautiful places. Bali is a tropical paradise that has the most magical air about it, I don’t think there is anyone that has ever traveled here and not fell in love with it. This is our second trip to Bali, and this time I wanted to make sure I share some of my best foodie finds, it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump away from Korea, so you should all put it on your travel itinerary for this year.


Brunch in Bali is big business and being seen eating in the right spot in the cool hip and rich beach town of Seminyak is almost as important as it is in Seoul. After drinking the night away at one of the uber cool bars along the beach you are going to need something extra special to get you going again.


Myself, TFB, and our friend Jeanie were very kindly invited to come to Sisterfields to check out their brunch. They don’t take reservations so there was already a bit of a queue outside when we arrived, however there are two outdoor seating areas and indoor seating so the wait wasn’t too long. Being British I had to sit outside, despite how warm it may have been.


The ultra modern menu is a mix of fruity healthy goodies, and brunch & lunch items, with a heavy nod to the pan asian cuisine you find in Australia. There’s also a hearty cocktail list to help revive you from your (self-induced) stupor from the night before, which we certainly took full advantage of, as in my opinion it just isn’t brunch without booze. We ordered the Bloody Mary, the Black Moon, and the Paradise Island Punch, all of which were 89K. The Bloody Mary was excellent, and had a good kick to it. The black moon was bourbon based blackberry goodness, and the Punch was fresh and unusually sopisticated. We were off to a good start.


To kick things off we were brought out a trio of tasty healthy breakfast bowls to feast upon while we checked out the rest of the menu. To the left is the Acai Berry Bowl (95k IDR), a blended frozen blueberry and almond milk smoothie, topped with coco nib and goji berry granola. Of the three fruity dishes this was my favourite. I adored the granola topped with smoothie concept. The soft fruits paired with the crunchy granola was the perfect mingling of textures while the smoothie packed a lovely fruity punch.  This one is a must try.
In the middle is the Textures of Berries (70k IDR),a cinnamon and oat crumble topped with yoghurt sorbet. The biscuity sweet crumble was light and sweet and almost dessert like when accompanied with a creamy yogurt sorbet, while the blobs of berry jam added a nice sweet kick.
To the far right is the Tropical Fruits (65k IDR), a bowl of tropical fruits topped with coconut Bavarian cream and coconut and lime granita. Perfect for the health conscious, the coconut cream was so rich it was like a custard and really elevated what would just be an ordinary fruit salad.


The first of our brunch dishes was Smashed Avocado (75k IDR). Avocado with semi-dried cherry tomatoes, popped capers, feta, lime sea salt on wholegrain toast. I added a poached egg for an extra 15k. Lashings of avocado on top of toast is pretty much my idea of heaven. Add a poached egg and you’ve got yourself a partay! Fresh, tasty, and healthy, this was one of my favourites of the day, I’ll be recreating this when I get home for sure.


Next was the Spicy Lamb Merguez Sausages (90k IDR), served with roasted cherry tomatoes, tomato kasundi, poached eggs and potato rosti. This was TFB’s favourite dish of the day. The rosti were very well seasoned, and the poached eggs were lovely. Merguez sausages are probably my favourite kind of sausage and these ones were delicious, the spicy lamb treats just had so much flavour it was practically oozing out of them.  TFB also especially liked how the plate came with a little bottle of Tabasco sauce in case you wanted to spice it up, which of course he did.


Lastly, Jeanie tried the Thai Glazed 18hr Berkshire Pork Belly (110k IDR), served with a peanut, carrot, cucumber, mint & coriander salad, crispy shallots, candied chilli, and nam jim dressing. This was a typical asian fusion dish that I alluded to earlier. The pork belly was soft, but with a crispy piece of fat on the top, and the asian salad had a lovely crunch thanks to all the peanuts and a nice refreshing zing from all the mint and coriander. All in all it was a hell of a brunch, and it’s now become one of my favourite spots on the island. I’ll certainly be back when I return.


Sisterfields is located at Jl. Kayu Cendana No. 7, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361. It is just down the street from Seminyak Square. You can call them on +628113860507, check out their website, or their facebook page for more information.



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