Whenever I travel I always make a big point to eat as many of the local goodies as possible, and although I generally spend hours researching all the places I want to eat, it’s still best to get some help from the local experts by doing a tour. By taking a tour I’ve always found that you see places that just aren’t featured on Trip Advisor, and, as anyone living in Seoul will tell you, Trip Advisor listings can leave a lot to be desired. So after much consideration, we decided to take a culinary tour of Bali, with Bali Food Safari.



Bali Food Safari has 3 different tours available, one in Ubud, One in Seminyak, and one in Jimbaran, the tour we took was in Seminyak. You can do a tour of either 3 or 4 restaurants, not surprisingly we opted for the latter. The tour is somewhat of a mystery, all you are told is that you will try about 12 different kinds of small sharing plates. We were picked up from our villa along with another couple, who were some of the loveliest ladies we have ever met. We joined each other for dinner at each stop, but you can also have a table to yourself if you prefer some privacy.

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I don’t want to give too much away, but our first stop was idyllic, sipping cocktails and watching the sun go down over the Bali beach was heavenly, we were off to a great start. We then were whisked away in the car to our next three locations, where we enjoyed the perfect mix between Indonesian and international fare. The dishes were all perfectly sized, to keep us full, while the journey allowed a nice respite between courses.


We finished up with a medley of desserts and a coffee, before being taken home. We were certainly stuffed to the gills and you get plenty of food, though its staggered so you aren’t stuffed by the end. You get about an hour at each restaurant and plenty of warning when it’s time to leave. The tour was superbly run and the perfect way to experience four higher end restaurants over the course of one night.

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As a New Year’s gift to all of my lovely readers, Bali Food Safari has very kindly given me an offer for you all, a 4 restaurant tour for the price of the 3 restaurant tour, plus a complimentary drink at sundown. That’s an extra bevy of lovely dishes and a cocktail for you to try for free. To take advantage of this offer you should use the code AFGFG by the end of January, although the booking dates are eligible for anytime in 2016. For more details or to make a booking, please visit the Bali Food Safari website.

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