As I’m sure you are all aware, Valentine’s Day is once again rearing its ugly head this weekend. And the obligation to take your significant other out for dinner is thrust upon you. Now I’m not complaining about being taken out for dinner, no one loves being treated to a slap up dinner more than I, although I’d also be just as happy devouring a bucket of chicken and a large pizza in my pajamas at home, but enough about my low standards. When it comes to the day of love, Seoul has more than it’s fare share of upscale eateries and fine dining establishments for you to fritter away your hard earned cash on. However if you are looking for a good meal for two that costs around 100,000 or less, then you may wish to take a look at my list of the best options. And don’t worry it’s not too late to make reservations!


McCoy’s – New comer McCoy’s is shaping up to be one of HBC’s finest restaurants, and is the perfect intimate setting for a romantic Valentine’s Day. They offer a sharing platter for two which consists of steak, salmon, pork chop and salad for 45,000. And for that price you’ll still have plenty of change left for one of their homemade apple pies with ice-cream (8,000) and a few glasses of wine. Click here for more details.


Lobster Bar – When it comes to romantic food lobster and steak are pretty up there, and Lobster Bar in Itaewon has both. The restaurant is pretty casual but when you have lobster juice dripping down your chin you’ll be glad you aren’t in your fanciest dress. Click here for more details.


Brera – Other than French food, nothing conjures up romantic connotations like Italian. What could be more romantic than sharing a bowl of spaghetti a là Lady & the Tramp with your significant other. Also owner Giovanni told me he will personally serenade you at your table if you request it. Click here for more details.


Spain Night Market – Sharing a plate or two of tapas has always seemed romantic to me, so why not take a visit to Spain Night Market in Hapjeong. All the tapas dishes are 9,000 or less and bottles of wine start from just under 30,000. They also have two Flamenco shows on Saturday at 6:30 & 8:30, which should really get your heart pumping. Click here for more details.


Dominic – Dominic in Itaewon will be serving their New York style menu until 9pm and have champagne & sparkling wine specials priced from 8,000 -20,000 a glass all night long on the 14th & 15th of February. They also plan to have have a romantic sax player playing love songs after 9pm. Click here for more details.


Beastro – My favourite Hongdae eatery will be hosting a five course dinner of bruscheta, salad, pasta, steak and sorbet with a glass of wine or beer for the bargain price of 55,000 per person. Click here for more details.


Manimal – Not everyone is into fine dining, and sometimes licking the BBQ sauce off someone else’s fingers can be pretty darn hot. Manimal offers a huge platter of brisket, pulled pork, chicken, half a rack of ribs, andouille sausage, green chili mac & cheese, coleslaw, smoked mashed potatoes, and honey butter rolls for 98,500. They also have cheaper options, but nothing says I love you like meat sweats. Click here for more details.


The Workshop – The Workshop will be running a offering a special Cheese Platter (4 different cheeses and cold cuts) and a Carafe of their amazing House Wine (red or white) for only 25 000 from 7pm onwards on February 14th. Gabriel will also be playing some Spanish guitar under soft romantic light creating the perfect ambiance. Click here for more details.

NYC style pizza - margarita and supreme

Gino’s NY Pizza -Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a special day. So why not treat yourself to a pizza, 8 slices of cheese smothered goodness always goes a long way to cheering me up, especially when I don’t have to share it. In fact throw in some of their wings and sloppy fries and you’ve got yourself one hell of a good time. Click here for more details.