A few months ago I had my first taste of Snapple at Gino’s NY Pizza. For those not in the know Snapple is a New York based soft drink, and quite recently it became available in Korea. To promote this tasty soft drink, Snapple sent me a whole case of the stuff hoping I could make some delicious cocktails for them. Being somewhat of an expert when it comes to making beverages of the alcoholic variety I quite quickly took up their offer. There are eight different flavours of Snapple available in Korea, but I chose my four favourites and turned each of them into a lovely libation. Each one is unique in its own way and complements the naturally sweetened drink. You can of course opt out of the alcohol and drink it the way it was intended, but where is the fun in that?


Southern Snapple 
60mls of bourbon
300mls of peach Snapple
45mls of honey
1/2 a lemon

Add the bourbon, lemon juice, honey and Peach Snapple to a cocktail shaker. Add a cube of ice and give it a good shake. Pour over ice and add a slice of lemon for a garnish.


Kiwi Strawberry Kiss
90mls of Malibu
300mls of strawberry & kiwi Snapple
A slice of kiwi
1 strawberry

Add the Malibu and Kiwi Strawberry Snapple to a glass and stir. Top with ice and add a strawberry and a slice of kiwi as a garnish.


Snapple Pie 
60mls Caramel liquor
200mls Apple Snapple
1/4 of a teaspoon of cinnamon
2 cookies (crushed)
1 slice lemon

Add the caramel liquor, cinnamon, and Apple Snapple to a cocktail shaker and shake like there’s no tomorrow. Rim a small short glass with lemon then roll in the crushed cookies. Add ice to the glass then top with the cocktail and sprinkle with cinnamon.


G & Tea
60mls of gin
300mls of Green Tea Snapple
45ml of elderflower syrup
A slice of cucumber for garnish

Add the gin, elderflower syrup, and Green Tea Snapple to a mixer and shake. Wind the cucumber garnish around a glass and fill with ice, then pour the drink on top.


Snapple is currently available from New York style restaurants like Gino’s NY Pizza, Brooklyn Burger and Dean & Deluca for around 4,000 won a bottle, and With Me stores nationwide for 2,800 won. For more information about Snapple in Korea please visit their facebook page or check out their Instagram account.