So I’m a bit late to the party, but there are still four days left, so better late than never. Golmok Gourmet is a Jarritos sponsored, Itaewon restaurant showcase extravaganza, and will be running throughout the weekend. Basically eight of Itaewon’s most popular restaurants have come up with some lunch and dinner sets to get you fed with their yummiest foods for bargain prices. Being that Itaewon’s best restaurants are involved I have of course reviewed them all so if if you want to know more just click on the restaurant name to find out what I really think.


Gilbert’s Burgers.

At Gilbert’s Burgers they have two offers on, both available all day. For 30,000 KRW you  can get 2 Burgers (140g) of your choice (+ 2,000 KRW to upgrade to 200g), French Fries and 2 Jarritos Sodas. Or for 50,000 KRW 2 Burgers (140g) of your choice (+ 2,000 KRW to upgrade to 200g), Chili Cheese Fries, Coleslaw and Unlimited Bitburger Beer for two! If you can’t make money on that deal you clearly aren’t drinking fast enough.


Gino’s NY Pizza

My favourite New York pizza place has two offers available, one for lunch and one for dinner. The Lunch Menu, which is available until 3 PM, consists of 1 Appetizer: Garlic Knots / Wings / Caesar Salad / Cajun Fries, 1 Regular Classic NY Pie (+ 4,000 KRW for a Signature Pie) and 2 drinks: Jarritos Soda / Soda (+ 6,000 KRW per drink upgrade to any Beer or Sangria). The dinner menu is 50,000 KRW and is available after 5pm. 2 Appetizers: Garlic Knots / Wings / Caesar Salad / Cajun Fries, 1 Large Classic NY Pie (+ 8,000 KRW for a Signature Pie), and 4 beverages: Jarritos Soda / Soda (+ 6,000 KRW per drink upgrade to any beer or Sangria. It’s recommended for four people but I think I could manage it by myself.


Left Coast Burgers

The lovely lefties are getting in on the action too. For lunch there is a 30,000 KRW menu which consists of 2 Fried Mac Balls + 1/2 order of Kalbi Fries or 1/2 order of Totchos, two Burgers: John Wayne Burger / Classic Burger / Veggie Burger / Chicken Bao Buns (3 pieces) / Piggy Bao Buns (3 pieces) with House Salad and 2 Jarritos Soda or Lemonades. Or for 50,000 KRW at dinner you can get 1 appetizer: Fried Mac Balls / Kalbi Fries / Totcho’s / Chicken Bao (3 pieces), 2 burgers: John Wayne Burger / Juicy Burger / Kalefornia Burger / Chicken Bao Buns (3 pieces) / Little Piggy Bao Buns (3 pieces) with House Salad, and 2 drinks: Goodtime Lemonade (Original, Ginger or Strawberry) / Beer on Tap / House Red or White Wine. Again I’m pretty sure I could polish that lot off by myself but feel free to take a friend if you aren’t as greedy as me.


Little Baja

If you like fish tacos, it’s probably worth heading south of the border where you can get 2 Fish Tacos, 1 Shrimp Taco, 1 Octopus Taco, and two drinks: Jarritos Soda / House Draft Beer / Horchata for 20,000 KRW. Personally I like the Horchata with an extra shot of rum. Disclaimer you may need to bring your own rum.


Lobster Bar

The Lobster Godfathers also have a deal which is available all day for 50,000 KRW – A Lobster Sandwich (Maine Style Roll, Connecticut Style Roll, Lobster Grilled Cheese or Lobster BLT), Pasta (Alio Olio, Cream Pasta or Arrabiata), Lobster Cappuccino and Lobster Mac N’ Cheese.



If you can’t manage a whole pizza at Gino’s NY Style Pizza , how about a couple of slices from Maddux? For 20,000 you can get  1 Slice of Cheese Pizza, 1 Slice of Pepperoni Pizza, 1 Slice of Spinach & Artichoke or Mac & Cheese Pizza and 2 Jarritos / Miller Beers. I recently tried the Mac & cheese pizza and was surprised at how good it was, so bring on the carbs.


Manimal Smokehouse

My favourite BBQ has two meat lovers options, a Lunch Menu for 30,000 KRW offering up 1 regular side, 2 mains: Smoked Chicken Breast Sandwich / Pulled Pork Sandwich (+ 1,500 KRW for Pork Belly /(+ 2,500 KRW for Brisket), and 2 drinks: Jarritos Soda / Soda. For dinner and the princely sum of 50,000 KRW, you will be treated to 1 regular side, 1 special side, 2 house made rolls, 2 barbecue meats (+ 2,500 KRW for brisket), and 2 beers or 1 Fire Water.


Rye Post

If you pop in for lunch at Rye Post, 30,000 KRW gets you 1 Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, 1 NYC Reuben Sandwich, 1 Basket of Waffle Fries, and 2 Jarritos Sodas. For a little more, the dinner menu at 40,000 KRW gets you the same three food items as above, but replaces the Jarritos with a couple of Ballast Point craft beers(Big eye IPA and Habanero Sculpin).



The Mexican masters round out the restaurant list with the best deal going. Their 30,000 KRW  lunch which is available until 5 PM gets you 1 appetizer: Kimchi Carnitas Fries / California Fresh Salad / Taquitos, 2 mains: 3 Tacos (1 kind)  / Fajita Burrito / Quesadilla, and 2 drinks: Jarritos Soda / Soda / Peach Iced Tea. While the dinner menu has a boozier option for 50,000 KRW
and is available after 5 PM. You can get 1 appetizer: Kimchi Carnitas Fries / California Fresh Salad / Honey Tequila Chicken Wings / Taquitos, 2 mains: 4 Tacos (2 kinds) / Quesadilla / Longhorn Burger, and drinks: 2 beers (Belgian Wit, Watermelon Wheat, Magpie Pale Ale, September Peach Ale, Indica IPA, Mocha Stout) / 2 Classic Margarita / 2 Virgin Margarita / 1 Frozen Margarita / 1 Vatos’ Rita. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll order the honey tequila wings and the passion fruit margarita!

All of the restaurants featured are located in Itaewon (line 6). For directions to each one click on the restaurant name which will give you a review, a map, the address, and phone number. Alternatively, you can visit the Golmok Gourmet website for more info.