Life is a piece a of cake, and sometimes that cake is an exquisite French pastry that you get to eat for free. Or at least that was my recent experience when I was invited to Gateaux De Voyage. The French Patisserie in Nonhyeon has been open for the past six months. It’s owned and run by the handsome Julien Favario who has been making pastries for over 20 years. Early in the morning, or late at night for some of us, he wakes to create his decadent desserts. As a fairly avid baker myself, I was honestly blown away at the amount he can accomplish in a few short  hours.


As we walked into the store, I soon spotted the display case, with the pastries inside glistening like jewels. I wish I could have tasted every single one of them, but we were asked to do the impossible and choose only four. Since it was still reasonably early in the morning we thought we would be healthy and get a couple of fruity concoctions. The Latitude (8,000) was a passion fruit and coconut tropical treat. A zingy, smooth passion fruit mousse, perched atop of a moist melty coconut sponge, and covered in a jam like passion fruit coulis.  I loved the way it looked, almost like a rabbit with its chocolate ears and coconut bunny tail. It was probably my favourite of the day. Our second choice was the Tart aux Fraises (7,800). It had a super buttery, biscuity base which was melt in the mouth heaven, and was topped with strawberry jam, fresh cream and strawberries. It was like the best jam tart ever!


It would have been cruel not to try a couple of the richer types so we got the Paris-Seoul (7,500) which consisted of three little choux buns filled with hazelnut cream. I’ve always been a lover of any kind of choux pastry, so much so I would always have profiteroles in place of birthday cake as a child. Feed me eclairs and I’ll be your friend for life, throw in some hazelnut filling and I’ll probably marry you, so this for me was absolute perfection.


Lastly we tried Rocher Or (9,000), which kind of looks like a fancy cross between a Ferrero Rocher and a Walnut Whip. Inside of the nut studded chocolate casing was more hazelnut cream, chocolate sponge and a little river of caramel sauce. This dessert is the ultimate sweet tooth satisfier.


While I was chatting with Julien in the kitchen he was just putting the pain au chocolate in the oven and I had to stick around to find out how they turned out. I have had a couple of pain au chocolates lately where the pastry has been on the thicker side, which I haven’t really cared for. But these were light and airy perfection, with the chocolate still gooey in the middle even after it had cooled. It paired perfectly with their vanilla latte, be sure to pop in and try one if you are nearby, you won’t be sorry.


Gateaux De Voyage is located at 11 Gangnam, daero, 89 gil. To get there take a train to Nonhyeon Station (line 7) and come out of exit 3. Walk straight then take the second right, walk to the end of the street and you will see Gateaux De Voyage on the corner next to you. For more information you can call them on 070-8119-1199 or check out their facebook page. They are open from Tuesday – Sunday 12pm-9pm.