Last Saturday was the opening weekend of the Seoul Night Market along by the Yeouido Han River Park. Not only was I lucky enough to attend, I was also selected as one of their independent adjudicators to help choose which food trucks will gain a permanent position at the market which hopes to run until October. The market is a mix of food trucks and hand crafts, and will be on again this Saturday and Sunday from 7:30pm until late.


My role, along with a selection of others, as a judge was to whittle down the competing food trucks to the creme de la creme of the food on wheels world. I took my independent adjudicating very seriously and was thrilled when I saw that I had a badge and a clip board. We were asked to judge the trucks based on taste, price, suitability, quality, and creativity.


We made our way around the 17 trucks sampling their wares as we went, yes that’s right 17. The things I do for my dedication to food.The trucks varied rather a lot in quality to say the least, some were delicious and their goodies received full marks like the fruit pizza truck. TFB and I both sneered about it at first, but we soon changed our minds after biting into the sweet treat. It was more of a crepe than a pizza and covered with a creamy custard, maple syrup, and fresh fruit.


Others which will remain nameless left a lot to be desired, I actually had to spit one sample out, think a rainbow of ketchup like sauces where they ought not to be. Luckily over the next two weeks we are going through the process to narrow it down so that only the best trucks gain a permanent place at the market.


All the foods varied from 3,000 – 7,000 with a few more high end items like steak. It’s a nice space to hang out after looking at the cherry blossoms, though be forewarned the area around Yeouinaru station was packed, though get past the bridge and it should even out a fair bit.


The Seoul Night Market is located at Yeouido Mulbit Square. To get there take a train to Yeouinaru station (line 5) and come out of exit 2. Walk straight and bear right into the park. Facing the river take a left and walk for maybe 5-10 mins. The market is located just after the water/pond area close to the riverbank. For more information you can check out their facebook page.