Now the weather has turned wonderfully warm, it’s necessary to leave the loving embrace of your warm and cosy house and actually get outside and enjoy yourself. And for me, enjoying myself always requires food and booze. This week my very best friend in the whole entire world comes to visit, and one thing we plan to have a lot of is brunch! I’m a huge brunch lover. I cannot get enough of the breakfast and cocktails combination. It’s the perfect way to start an afternoon of day drinking, which is probably my favourite hobby after eating. Luckily our fair city has quite the array of brunching options, though not all of them are made equal. To help you sort the wheat from the chaff I’ve selected my 10 favourites.


The Beastro Hongdae

If The Beastro wasn’t all the way in Hongdae I’d probably be there every weekend. They have amazing food like eggs Benedict, as well as the world’s best fried chicken and biscuits, plus a weighty list of delicious cocktails. There is also a greenhouse type conservatory up on the the third floor for you to really make the most of the great weather.


The Libertine – Itaewon

This New York style eatery just oozes class and luxury, and the floor to ceiling windows make sure everyone can see what a lovely time you are having. The food menu changes on a regular basis but I’ve yet to go and not find a Benedict on the menu. They also have a great range of fun and inventive cocktails alongside their classics and bottles of champagne for special occasions, like days that end in Y.


Made – Apgujeong

If you are in Apgujeong and feeling like more than a NY bagel from Pick A Bagel, then Made is where you need to head. The monochrome Italian-American restaurant serves up a full brunch menu alongside their famous meat balls. The fried chicken and biscuits are especially good, along with their spectacular breakfast sandwich. They also often do a 1+1 on brunch time cocktails!


Guilty Pleasure – Itaewon

If you are into American fare, and lets face it who isn’t, think pancakes, sausage gravy, and biscuits. Then Guilty Pleasure is your place. Their small terrace is ideal for enjoying some seasonal warmth. A little lacking on the cocktail side but they serve booze so I’m sure you can make it work.


Bills –  Gwanghwamun/Jamsil

A classy place with an Australian menu. I love Bills, and not just because I lived above one when I lived in Sydney. There are now two locations, one in Gwanghwamun, and one in Jamsil.  The large restaurants with floor to ceiling windows actually do breakfast from 8am-11am and brunch from 11am – 3pm. The prices are on the higher side but most dishes are under 20,000 and worth every penny. Watch out for the cocktails though, they may be small but they are very potent.


The Royal Food & Drink – HBC

One of my newest finds up on the hill in HBC. Not only is the food healthy and delicious it’s also incredibly cheap! Most of the meals are under 10,000, and the cocktails are all 8,000, meaning you can drink twice as many!


Bimbom – Gyeongridan

Up on the hill by the Hyatt is a charming little restaurant that serves a three tiered brunch medley which I find insanely adorable. Almost all of the produce is organic and you can really taste it in the eggs. The galette is not to be missed as it’s fantastic. Nothing in the way of cocktails but there is wine. However you can always just go to the pub after. It’s also available on week days which is nice, just try to avoid peak times if you don’t want to wait in line.


Dominic – Itaewon

Another New York style restaurant. Say what you will about Americans but they sure know how to brunch. A brand new chef has reinvented the brunch menu at Dominic, and I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of their deep fried poached eggs a few weeks ago. If the rest of the menu is as good as this, they are on to a winner. If you are as lazy as I am and enjoying getting up a bit later then you can schedule your visit to coincide with their cocktail happy hour 3pm-7pm  on weekends. Did someone say Sunday Funday?


Bulldogs – Itaewon

For a little taste of Britain this is my first and only stop.There is an adorable little terrace with outdoor seating, and cocktails galore including a enormous jar of my favourite, Pimm’s. As well as their regular menu they serve this kick ass breakfast tower, scotch eggs, which are a perfect breakfast in my eyes, and tonnes of pimped out hot dogs. Who doesn’t like a sausage in their mouth first thing in the morning?


Brera – Beotigogae

You have more than likely eaten at Seoul’s favourite Italian restaurant, but have you tried their brunch? The brunch menu is served along with their regular menu each and every day. Expect to see a continental breakfast and some interesting European offerings like the Scamorzalla Bismark (fried eggs with melted cheese) and Huevos Rotos (eggs with fried potatoes and proscuitto). The place is bright and airy and is an ideal place to sink a glass of prosecco while eating your eggs on a sunny day.



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  1. So Bulldgs no longer serves brunch and their meals aren’t much to write home about. The drinks were cool though. Probably the only reason we’d go back would be the drinks.

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