In our neighbourhood we are never short on new places to eat, but these days with the ever spiralling rent costs it’s rare to find cheap eats. When I heard about Ryo-In-Shikdang opening from my fellow food blogger Soju Sunrise I was eager to give it a try as it fit the bill and the budget.


Ryo-In-Shikdang is located just up the street from my old house in HBC on the same road that hosts a queue full of Koreans trying to get pizza from Bonny’s. The restaurant itself is pretty small but makes use of the space squeezing its punters in via the Japanese style counter dining.


The menu has 10 main dishes all varying between 6,000-7,500 and a handful of sides. I had heard good things about the soy sauce chicken (7,500) so ordered that, while my dining companion tried the soy sauce beef (7,500).


The chicken was served over rice with a raw egg on top and an accompaniment of some kimchi, sliced radish, and cabbage salad. A pretty decent amount for the price. The soft and comforting battered chicken was served on a mix of slighty sweet and salty rice and vegetables. While the egg yolk added a nice richness. I enjoyed it a lot.


My companion got the soy sauce beef which seemed to have a generous portion of meat, given the price. On first glance I thought the rice and eggy medley underneath was the same as mine but the beef was in more of a ginger sauce. I preferred mine, my companion his, so I guess it’s just down to preference.


For those looking for something a little different and of good value it hits the mark, not outstanding but a good tasty dinner when you don’t fancy cooking. It also makes a change from similarly priced kimbab cheongkuk style Korean food.  If I still lived on the same street I’d more than likely be up for trying the rest of the menu.


Ryo-In-Shikdang is located at 21 Sinheung-ro 3 Gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Noksapyeong station (line 6) and come out of exit 2. walk straight until the road veers off and you see the kimchi pots. Walk along this road until you reach the turning just at Bonny’s pizza and go left. Ro-In-Shikdang is located on the left hand side just a bit further up than the HBC coffee shop. For more information you can call them on 070-4606-4641.