A few weeks ago one of my faithful readers emailed me and suggested I try this place as soon as possible. It being a stone’s throw away from my house, I had walked past on more than one occasion, but sheer laziness stopped me crossing the street to take a a look at the menu. I know that sounds woefully slothful, but I knew that if it was worth a try people would soon start to shout about it, which they did and I wouldn’t have exerted wasted energy crossing the street.


I went to pay them a visit with two of my favourite Europeans.  It was kind of a last minute invite and sadly none of the Americans I asked were available so they were the best I could do at short notice, but oh well.  As soon as I arrived the place put me in mind of the old T.G Brunch, thanks to its small and similar lay out, and the humble simplicity of the food on offer.


I was pretty hungry so decided to get the Pancake Band (12,000), but when it came it was so large I decided to split it with my friend. The giant platter came with two big pancakes, 1 sausage, 2 fried eggs and 2 pieces of bacon, and your choice of fried potatoes or salad, I clearly chose the potatoes. I enjoyed the pancakes especially when covered in the provided real maple syrup. The eggs, bacon, and sausage were all pretty good too. The potatoes were a bit hard, I think they should have been parboiled before being fried but on the whole I though it was a pretty good breakfast. If you go before 10.30am you can a slightly smaller version with a glass of orange juice or a coffee for 8,000, which is exceedingly good value.


My Belgian companion ordered the Waffle Band (13,000), which comes with a waffle, creamy mushroom chicken, a sausage, and your choice of fried potato or salad. I had a little try of the chicken and thought it was all right. I think it would be better with fried chicken but I thought it was an interesting savoury option. To drink I went for the Americano (2,000), which was spot on for the price, and my friend got the Orange Juice (4,000) which again was pretty good. Sadly there were not any cocktails, as it is more of a breakfast joint than a brunch place.


We had already had enough pancakes after the platter, so we opted for the Nutella waffle (5,000) as our sweet treat instead. It’s a no frills option just a humble, fresh waffle smeared with Nutella and a bit of icing sugar. They could jazz it up a lot with fresh cream, ice cream, and some chocolate sauce, but that would add to the price, and there are plenty of other places you can get that kind of thing in Seoul. For the price though it certainly did the job.


Overall I was quite impressed with Uncle Sam’s, it’s a simple breakfast joint serving honest American fare. Don’t expect anything special because you wont get it, but if you are looking for a cheaper version of Original Pancake House then you have found it.


Uncle Sam’s is located at 47, Hoenamu-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Noksapyeong Station (line 6) and come out of exit 2. Walk straight until you reach the underpass, then go through and exit using the stairs on the left hand side. Come out of the the stairs and just keep walking straight following the road around past Well Being Mart and keep going up the hill towards the Hyatt. Uncle Sam’s is on the left hand side across from the big GS patio area. For more information you can call them on 02-792-7745.