If you have been reading my posts regularly then you will know that I was in Phuket staying at the beautiful Dream Phuket Hotel and Spa. The hotel is located just a short 30 minutes away from the busy and bustling resort town of Patong. For me this was perfect, I got to relax in a quieter location while still being able to enjoy the party side of Patong when I needed it.


Unsurprisingly the activity that I am most interested in when travelling is eating. Forget site seeing and all those historical places, I explore new cultures by eating their food, and we did a hell of a lot of exploring. In the foodie scene Phuket has it all from street food, to high end hotel restaurants and everything in between. We made the most of it by nibbling on street snacks like the delicious looking chicken satay during the day and going for more substantial meals at night.


Our first night we popped into Patong to do some shopping and to eat some Thai food. The first night we went to Kantok Restaurant which is part of the Burasuri resort. There we enjoyed a couple of refreshing cocktails and some free canapés, as it was happy hour. A canapé is not often enough to sustain me so we ordered some dinner too. Obviously I couldn’t rest getting the Pad Thai and the cashew chicken. As you can see it was beautifully presented and absolutely scrumptious. It being in a hotel it wasn’t as cheap as some of the local restaurants but we had a great meal.


On our second night we ate at The Siam Supper Club, which was thankfully located quite close to our hotel, just across from the Boat Avenue Shopping Complex. This place is an institution with the local expats so be sure to make a a booking if you are set on eating here. The restaurant also offers a free pick up service which we found especially helpful.


The Siam Supper club has a very sleek and glamorous 1920’s feel about it. It The long and dark cocktail bar is the focal point while the walls are adorned with black and white photos of old Hollywood starlets. The menu had a mix of American staples like steak, ribs, and prawn cocktails. We got the steak and it was absolutely fantastic, not cheap but still reasonable compared with Korea and one of the best ones I’ve had in years. The ribs, French onion soup, and crab cocktail were all fabulous too. If you are craving a taste of home then this is the place to be.


For my birthday dinner we headed to Home kitchen, which is perched just overlooking the sea on the outskirts of Patong. The shabby chic bar and restaurant was adorable and you can tell had been lovingly designed by the architect owner.  As it was my birthday cocktails were ordered, I had the strawberry and passion fruit mojito, which was amazing. It was so good even my mum got one and she usually sticks to tea.


We had a whole medley of food but my favourites were the shrimp starter, and my pork belly main course. They also surprised me with a lovely birthday brownie with a candle in it so I was able to make my birthday wish. Overall it was fantastic and another place not to miss. For the budget conscious they offer a surprisingly good 4 course set dinner on Tuesdays which comes in at less that 1000THB per person.


For those wanting to eat more like the locals there are street stalls and family run Thai restaurants everywhere. We ate at quite a few different ones and found the quality to be pretty good where ever we went. The spring rolls, chicken satay, prawn cakes, Pad Thai and cashew chicken were among my favourites, but be prepared to see a lot more than that. Being on a peninsula there are dozens of seafood joints which sadly I didn’t get to take advantage of on this trip but certainly will next time.