Earlier this week it was the British, and today it’s the Italians. It seems as though the social calendar for the chambers of commerce is in full swing. Before my jaunt to Thailand I was invited to try a special menu at Brera to celebrate the wonderfulness that is Italian cuisine.

The special event is being hosted by the Italian chamber of commerce from May1st – 31st. There are 12 different restaurants participating in the festival including my favourites  Brera, Ciuri Ciuri, and The Cornerstone, and each of the restaurants has a special menu concentrating on a different region of Italy.


The four or five course menus all vary in price from 45,000 – 99,000 per person depending on the restaurant and can be found in full on the ITCCK facebook page. The menu I was lucky enough to try was at Brera in Beotigogae. I was invited to give it a try, along with my fellow food blogger Soju Sunrise.

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This 55,000 set menu focuses on the food from Rome, We started the evening off with a pair of bruchetta, one with sage and pecarino the other with fresh ripe tomatoes. While some might just call it a fancy cheese and tomato sandwich, it was a nice way to start the evening. The salty goats cheese was perfect to me, and complimented the juicy tomatoes well. There were also served with a little freshly made citrus jam.

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Next up was the Rigatoni alla Gricia, a hand made rigatoni with a salty cured pork. This pasta dish was saltier than the Mediterranean which I personally didn’t mind at all, especially when paired with a glass of chianti. The hand made rigatoni was spot on, and is always one of my favourite pastas. While I was pleased to try something new, I’m not sure this meaty dish can compare to some of the other creamy or tomato based sauces on the regular menu.


Our main course was Stracetti alla Romana. A grilled steak, garlic bread and salad. It was kind of like a fancy Italian kebab. The steak worked well with the peppery rocket and salty cheese, while the juicy tomatoes added a subtle sweetness. However it was the wafer thin garlic bread that was the star of this show, it was just so light and pillowy. I ended up dipping the bread in the steak juice and putting the meat and salad up on top. It was absolutely fabulous.


For dessert we had Bigne con Panna e Nutella, which was essentially some freshly baked sweet buns filled with fresh cream and Nutella. This is the exact kind of thing you would find in an Italian bakery. A sweet and delicious way to end the meal, I can never say no to Nutella. Overall it was a very carb heavy meal which I personally loved but be sure to bring your A-game hunger wise if you want to finish it all. In fact small eaters could probably split this lot between two especially if they ordered an extra dish from the regular menu. As previously mentioned the food festival is still on until May 31st, for more details see the ITCCK facebook page.


Brera is located at 2F 295 Dongho-ro 17gil, Jung-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 중구 동호로17길 295, 2F) To get there take a train to Beotigogae station and come out of exit 1. Turn back on yourself at the exit. Walk straight and take the first right that goes up the hill. Brera is just a few meters up on the right. For more information you can call them on 010-8070-1982 or check out their facebook page.