Hey everyone I’m back in Korea, and sadly I’ve left the beautiful sunny beaches of Phuket and come back to the rainy and windy streets of Seoul, lets hope it doesn’t last too long because I need to top up my tan. On our last evening in Phuket we wanted to enjoy a special meal together so chose to eat at Trilogy which was at the beautiful Dream Hotel and Spa where we were staying.


The stunning restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating, and features a show kitchen which resembles a live cooking theatre where Michelin Star chefs can showcase their skills in three world-famous cuisines: Modern Thai, Tuscan or Contemporary European Cuisine which is where the name Trilogy comes from.


Since there were three of us we figured we would all choose a main course from each of the different menus, however we decided to just stick with the the Thai menu for our appetizers, as when in Rome! My Papa ordered the Por Pia Goong(350 THB), lobster vegetable and glass noodle stick spring rolls with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce. I adored these, the outside shell was gloriously crispy and the light lobster and and vegetable filling perfection. I was sorry I didn’t get these myself and might have to have a go at making them at home.


For my starter I had the Gai Yang Gorlae (320 THB) a peanut curried chicken with papaya and cucumber spicy salad, with tomato caviar. As you can see my appetizer was just as beautiful as the first one we had. The stuffed chicken was full of so much flavour when paired with the spicy peanut sauce.  My salad was pretty impressive too, I’ve no idea how they manage to make those tiny balls out of tomatoes but I was incredibly impressed.


For my main course I tried the Rack of lamb with purple mousse of potatoes, field salad, and flash fried vegetables (1,250). My choice came from the Tuscan menu and it was absolutely spectacular. The little lamb chops were pleasantly pink and beyond moist and juicy. The accompanying vegetables and gravy like jus rounded out the meal.


My father went for the Pad Thai (550 THB). The typical Thai fried noodle dish was by far the prettiest I have ever seen, and were topped with egg baskets and shrimp, scallop, and lobster. Despite the high end ingredients and fabulous presentation the noddle dish was somewhat lacking, it was rather claggy and not quite as good as some of the ones we had had throughout the week though.


My mummy however fared much better with her Australian Angus Tenderloin (1,250 THB). The steak came with a choice of potatoes and vegetables, of which we chose wedged potatoes as we had enjoyed them so much by the earlier in the day with our lunch, and asparagus sauce with hollandaise. It was served with a very moreish wild mushroom steak. Like my own dish, the steak was cooked to perfection and she was very happy with her choice indeed.


For dessert we tried the Tiramisu (220 THB) and Souffle al Cocco (220 THB). The tiramisu was a rich and creamy way to end the meal, while the coconut bar with the passion fruit ice cream was the perfect light yet zingy antithesis. Overall I’d have to give the winning vote to the coconut souffle, just because I couldn’t get enough of that passion fruit sorbet, though the tiramisu did come a close second.


Trilogy Restaurant is located at The Dream Phuket Hotel and Spa in Phuket. For more information about the restaurant you contact them via their website, or you can read my review of the hotel here.