Pizza being one of my favourite things to eat, I thought it was about time that I did a follow up on Gino’s NY Style Pizza. Since opening its doors at the end of last year it has become exceptionally busy, more than likely because of the popular Korean Girls Eat American Pizza video. Which is probably why it has taken me all this time to do a follow up, my last few visits it has either been full to bursting or they have only had the small pies left, which quite frankly I frown upon. Luckily for me we managed to snag a table at the weekend and I enjoyed one of my favourite foods outside for once instead on my sofa.


Since my last visit there have been a hell a of a lot of additions to the menu, loads of yummy sides and finally some cocktails! To be completely honest I was actually pretty hammered when I turned up last week, thanks to a lack of breakfast and an insatiably strong bloody Mary, so thought it wise to stick with a less alcoholic Sangria (8,000) instead of the hard lemonade I was really lusting after. TFB ordered himself a beer (5,000), and after I managed to knock over my glass of water through drunkenness I also though it might be a good idea to sober myself up with a Snapple (4,000). The sangria was actually darn tooting good, though I’m not surprised as I loaned my recipe to owner Eugene for inspiration.


We began our lunch with a portion of the newly added garlic knots (4,000 for 4). I was ridiculously eager to try these little babies and I was glad to find they were smothered in plenty of melted butter and parmesan cheese when they arrived. These knots were super soft and chewy, and a real bargain for the price. My only improvement would be to add some mozzarella in the middle but Eugene told me that he wants to keep them NY style.


For our pizza, we had to try a couple of the new ones so we went for half Spinach Alfredo and half Manimal BBQ (34,000). I love a white pizza so the alfredo was calling to me. While I loved the creamy white sauce base of the alfredo, I didn’t think it could compete in terms of taste with the BBQ. Whenever I get pizza delivered at home my go to is BBQ Chicken, much to the chagrin of TFB. However the fact that this one was topped with delicious Manimal smoked chicken had him sold. It had a super tangy BBQ sauce, and plenty of sweet pineapple, which was fabulous with the smoky chicken. I’m not sure if it can claim the prize as my favourite though, I might have to go back and try the Nellie again to see which one I like best.


It is great to see that Gino’s is thriving and that the menu has been developed to add new items like the garlic knots and the sloppy fries which are not to be missed. There are also the zucchini fries and the calzones which I have yet to try. Overall I’d have to give it my thumbs up for Seoul’s best NY style pizza just ahead of Paulies and Brick Oven.


Gino’s is located at 46, Noksapyeong-daero 40-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Noksapyeong station (line 6). Use the elevator to exit the building so you come out by the bridge. Walk over the bridge and turn right and follow the alley way around. Gino’s on the second floor of the strip of buildings where Coreano’s is. For more information you can call them on 02-792-2234 or check out their facebook page.