Note – This location has since closed down, however there is a bigger and (arguably) better version in Itaewon. The Itaewon location offers the all you can eat deal every day for 16,000 per person. I have amended the map and directions at the bottom to reflect the alternate location.


My blog is well known for its lack of Korean food, but over the past few months I have had more than my fair share of out of town visitors who have been rather eager to sample some local delights. My favourite Korean food by far Korean BBQ, I cant get enough of the meaty goodness, and I just love the idea of cooking and eating all together. However my neighbourhood of Itaewon isn’t really known for its Korean food, so I wanted to share this place as it’s one of the best as far as I’m concerned.

13275041_10154098538366142_1846289781_o - 복사본

Now there is no secret about HBC Gogit Jib being amazingly awesome. I’m sure all of you are well aware of its legendary all you can eat rib eye Mondays, which always has people queueing round the block. But very recently they added an all you can eat option as part of their everyday menu and its not just rib eye. For 16,000 per person you can get however much you want of beef rib eye, marinated galbi, samgyeopsal and moksal. For those who want to eat it all it’s a pretty amazing deal.


After queueing for about 15 minutes, we were ushered over to our table. It is very rare to find this place with an empty table so be sure to get there early enough to put your name on the list, and you can always grab a drink at many of the nearby bars while you wait. Unsurprisingly we went for the all you can eat option. We kicked off with the pork as you need a grill for it. We were given two humongous pieces of moksal and samgyeopsal, which was more than ample for four of us. Of course you can have as much as you like but its best to save plenty of room for the beef. The pork is not marinated in any particularly special way but it was still pretty good and it was nice to have two different cuts. Of the two I’d probably say I prefered the samgyeopsal but I’ve always liked the fattier cuts. It was great when dipped in the accompanying samjang and wrapped in the lettuce leaves.

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Once we were stuffed to the brim with pork it was time to switch over to the beef grill where we piled on the rib eye. This is the crowning glory as far as I’m concerned. The fat marbled pieces of steak are of a really good quality considering they are available for all you can eat. Usually the galbi rib is my favourite but the rib eye was just unbeatable when browned over the the hot coals. The charcoal grill always rains supreme in my eyes, you just cant beat that flavour.


Lastly we had an order of the marinated pork galbi. We were all really full after several plates of the steak, but couldn’t resist trying it. As stated it’s usually my favourite thing to order off the meat menu, probably because it’s so cheap and because I like that the ribs that generally come with it. The cut here has no ribs but it is still pretty tasty and provides another flavour thanks to the marinade.

13262096_10154098538531142_1577998733_o - 복사본 13282536_10154098538601142_982582032_o

It’s quickly worth mentioning the sides. They don’t have the largest selection I have ever seen but they have the basics covered. Lettuce, chillies, kimchi, sesame beansprouts, pickled radish, and garlic. They also have the vinegar onions depending on which night you go. To drink there is plenty of beer and soju and honestly what else could you need? I’m pretty sure the traditional soups and rice are available to order as extras if you want them, but when you have as much meat as you can eat, I honestly cant see the need.


HBC Gogitjip is located at 9 Itaewon-ro 19-gil Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Itaewon station (line 6) and come out of exit 1. walk straight, and take the first right after KFC. Walk to the end of the until you reach the road which runs parallel to the main road. Then turn left and walk to the very end of the alley way. You will see HBC Gogitjip just up ahead in the alleyway next to Grill 5 taco on the right hand side.