Last year I wrote a very popular article sharing my favourite 7 eats for under 7,000 won. The foodie scene in my neighbourhood changes like the wind, so I thought a new list was in order. Due to inflation this list is my top favourite eats for under 8,000 won.


1. Windy City (7,500)- Nothing beats a really great slice of pizza, and Windy City is pretty freaking awesome. The deep dish style pizza smothered in cheese with sauce on the top is very filling and super yummy. And thankfully the pop up has found a home at the Bruworks Cafe in Gyeongridan until the end of the summer!


2. Pick A Bagel (5,000 +) – New York’s answer to the humble sandwich. With half a dozen different bagels and about a squillion different cream cheeses you could have a different combination every day for months. My favourite is the chicken salad, its insatiably addictive!


3. Head Lock (4,000) A good prawn sandwich is hard to find, luckily Head Lock has you covered. There are at least four different varieties, though I’d probably choose the wasabi mayo as my favourite. The sandwiches aren’t super filling, but luckily at 4,000 a piece you can get two which is more than enough for anybody.


4. The Little Pie (5,000) The Little Pie opening last year was music to my ears as nothing beats a good meat pie. Their lovely golden pastry is stuffed with beef or chicken and gravy. You can also add mash too for an extra 3,000 and make a real meal out of it.


5. Stacked Dumpling Bar (4,800). Stacked is Itaewon’s latest acquisition and boasts a menu filled with different kinds of dumplings. While one order will probably leave you hankering for more, you can always get your free side dishes replenished a couple of times to bulk it out.


6. Vertex Chicken (7,700) – Vertex has some of the best chicken around and you can have it in either teriyaki or pepper sauce. Served with rice and veggies it’s super filling and well worth the walk to Haebangchon.


7. Uncle Sams (5,000)- For those in the mood for something sweet, a visit to Uncle Sam’s in Gyeongridan might be just the ticket. The American style breakfast joint serves waffles and pancakes with your choice of toppings from just 5,000 won. They have 2,000 won coffees too!


8. Ryo-In Shikdang (려인식당) (7,500) – This HBC eaterie while rather new also serves up some very reasonable set meals. My favourite was the soy sauce chicken which was served over rice with a raw egg on top and an accompaniment of some kimchi, sliced radish, and cabbage salad. Healthy, tasty, and the right price.


As an extra bonus, those looking for seriously cheap eats should head to Myeong-dong, where the street food carts reign supreme after dark, and all manner of weird and wacky snacks can be found for under 5,000 won.



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